I’m Bored: The Apprentice US Season 1, Episode 1

Coming back for a while with a rewind, why not?

Here’s the summary of Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Well I’m already a successful businessman, why don’t I become an author. (Later) Now every bookworms know about me, why don’t I join Oprah. (Later) Now everybody who owns a tv knows about me, why don’t I create my own tv show? (Later) Now my show has become a reality tv icon (in the UK at least), but I want something more, something bigger than sending celebrities to do meager jobs.


I know, with all these life experiences, why don’t I try to Make America Great Again, and become the president of the United States?

And just like that, despite spending half the amount of his rival, Hillary Clinton & the DNC, despite basically having no experience as a politician, and despite California & their 55 Democrat Electoral Votes…

He somehow made it happen, and this is our reality.

So to celebrate, here is the series where everybody know about him the most, The Apprentice, where the only season that this blogger watches fully is the Martha Stewart season (& you know how well that works out)

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