1 Pomodoro Style Writing Prompts: Failed Seppuku

Pomodoro technique: 25 minute work then leave for break.

Writing Prompts: An inspiration that makes people to write about stuffs. The website that I will be using is from Reddit.


Together: Quickly write a story inspired by Writing Prompts, in just 1 Pomodoro session.

Story of the Week
You are a samurai that has dishonored his master and is committing seppuku, except you discover that you’re invincible, causing an awkward scene at the ceremony.

The hall surrounding me glares at me, bringing me to a place where even shame feels unnerved occupying my brain. But it doesn’t matter anyway, since life is just as quick as a stab in the heart.

“Keiji, it is inexcusable that you murdered your master that you supposed to serve.”

Yes, my dead master, in his last moments, he was in a bath with me outside looking out for intruders. His last words: “Bring me the medicinal herbs to me.”

I obliged, but then a fox came by, a quick lunge and took the herbs away. I ran towards the really quick runt, and successfully grab back the basket after some time of running. But alas, when I went back, my master is dead, because the herbs are needed for him to cure himself of some kind of skin illness.

Sure, it might seem unfair. But my actions contradicted his last words, causing him to death, making him my murderer.

“And now, Keiji, it is time for you to commit sepukku.”

I closed my eyes, nervously grab the sword to position, took a deep breath and reminisce my last moments in life. For me, I think I have a good life, and I yelled while my hands moved closer.

The sharpness of the top pierces through my skin, then my bones, and finally feeling the sword piercing out of my body.

I hear the hall chatters, I didn’t know what they are talking about, cause it doesn’t matter now.


I then opened my eyes, looking at same hall again. The hall suddenly went silent, heads turning, and the announcer in front of my gasp.

I look down on my body, the sword is still there, I reached for my back, the sword is still there, albeit a little bit wetter.

Logically, it didn’t make sense. I witness a sepukku before, a samurai pierce a sword on himself, and then they lay on the floor with blood dripping out of his body.

I took out the sword in body, I stand up and pierce my body again. This time towards my heart, time passes, and I walk 2 steps back, though it still hurts as the last time.

The chatter in the hall is silent with small chatters, gasp & yelling.

“Um…Can you do the sepukku-”

Before the announcer continue, the gong banged, people turned their heads towards the gong.

It is a fox, wait, is the same damn fox that stole the herbs.


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