1 Pomodoro Style Writing Prompts: Ship In The Seashells

YouTube Video Timer Used

Story: You listen to a seashell and hear the victims of a sunken ship who are still alive.

It’s a beautiful day, my children finding treasures in the sand, my husband getting himself a sun-tan (gosh, 5 years? He still looks like an Adonis.), and my company rewarded my bestseller with a beautiful vacation in Hawaii.


Just before I dipped my feet to the water, doing a coy act so that I could sexually impress my man, my eldest daughter suddenly screamed.

What a downer.

I ran towards her, thinking that it was just her little old pranks, pretending to console her while it turns out that my hunk of a husband is now sleeping (or pretending to be anyway), so I continue my consoling act, finding out that she scream because of a puny seashell, and I pretend to li-

“It’s all right baby, it’s all right.”

This startled me, I glared at my daughter, who is definitely still in shock, and I looked at my husband, who is still lying down ignoring anything that is happening to us, 2 feet away. I look around one more time, and I listen to the seashell again.

“Hello, is anybody there?”


A silence, then a huge sob coming from her, so I can talk to her like a cellphone?

“Oh my god…please save us, 3 days ago our ship sunk down, a lot of lives have been lost due to the ocean & starvation, if you could, please call this line & give them this seashell, it could navigate our location.”

I followed the instruction, and 5 hours later, the ship (which is presumed missing by the government) has been located, the victims have been saved, and I have become somewhat of a hero (though I think that my daughter should hound for the fame, but whatever, maybe this publicity could sell my more books)

After the awards ceremony and the news broadcasting, I finally saw the person who I talk to through the seashells.

“So, how do that seashell work?”


The woman gave my a bright smile, and look at the camera.

“Introducing SOS Seashell, the new innovative seafaring safe feature. When you got yourself in huge situations like fire, hurricane or a Titanic situation. Shoot your SOS Seashell towards the sky, let the Seashell float to the nearest beach & hope that someone will pick it up for it’s beauty and listen to them. This beauty, is just for $699.”

“But wait, we also include the SOS Protection Boat, where after your Seashell is launched off, use the boat as a getaway so that you could be safe from your old destroyed boat, and our testing eventually got us to live there for 1 month. For 1 SOS Seashell, you can get 1 SOS Protection Boat for free.”

“SOS Seashell, listening for Seashell has never been so rarer.”

I look at her again, and I look at the camera again.


Wait, does this means…


“What a fraud”

“Why is even this included for an infomercial?”

“All right kids, let’s go to bed.”


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