I’m Bored: First Time Making A YouTube Video.

This is the video.

It is about me attempting an audio-book, with Grade 9 English Vocabulary instead.

What Inspire My Attempt: I see this video, where some people would learn quicker by using different types of media (which I agree, since I usually prefer watching videos in a quicker speed over reading books, though I did use both of them for learning, really)

So I saw tip number 1, where the author learn by making audio lesson, and when I saw that, I say, what not make something similar.

-The Process

At first, I want to try to make a audio lesson about depths of listening, but I couldn’t find the groove in narrating them. So I decided to went to something simpler, which goes to Grade 9 vocabulary. Why Grade 9, I read from some blog that Grade 9 English is a waste when you are trying to persuade somebody into buying your stuff, and any Grade above 8 is a waste, & that is a sad thing, so why don’t start from there.

-The Content

Obviously, this video is made from PowerPoint Presentation, where I get the resources from the websites & make my customer slides. At first I’m at a loss for how to apply my voice to the video, but luckily, today I learned that you can record your own voice to the presentation slides & make a video that the slides transition with my voice, and found out that my computer didn’t really have the ability to convert the slides to the video efficiently.

-The Editing

At first I tried to enhance my video with an app called Wondershare Filmora, which is a really useful tool for you to edit your own videos (including background music that you can enhance the experience with), but sadly, I used the trail version, and using the trail version gives me a really big watermark that distract from the actual content.

Thus, the final product becomes a very cheap prototype. Still, it is definitely a good experience for me to learn about how to make a video & upload it to YouTube. It somewhat helps for my coursework & future career in the future.


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