Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Season 2: The Masquerade

How This New Season Started: With Joey Graceffa (due to taking the deed) being possessed by another greater evil: a witch who manipulated Joey to invite YouTubers who I don’t care about (except for Tyler Oakley, and that’s because he’s easily more recognizable than anybody else) over normal people who normal people don’t care about to play characters that everybody will 90% forget about for a Victorian style dinner party with theatrics that people should have thought twice about.

Unless you are the previous survivors, who wisely choose to decline with the risk of “dying” (until a possible All Stars season came along).

Vocabulary Time-
-Thespian (played by Tyler Oakley): An actor or actress.
-Vaudevillian (played by Gabbie Hanna, which Wikipedia linked her red): A person who writes for or performs in vaudeville (Stage entertainment offering a variety of short acts such as slapstick turns, song-and-dance routines, and juggling performances.)

The rest should even be understandable by Liza Kozhy, who never been to college before.

We introduce the characters and their roles (which the latter part nobody is going to care about after the first person dies), seeing them pretend to act on their personas, talk about the mansions, having the toast to Dorian (& meeting his daughter Alison), then they simply mess around the house and solve some clues (which should be incredibly rude).

But then Alison grab Tyler & Alex (The Novelist) to warn them & leave, and during this confusion with everything being ordered to go to the ballroom, Liza is suddenly captured.

Quote of The Episode- Gabby: “We’re really bad friends. We are not good friends.”

The Ballroom
Looking around, everybody is dancing and some aggressively wanting Alison. Dorian proposed dinner: the guests, including Joey (who found to become vampire food) and Liza (who never had the chance to party yet).

But thanks to Alison’s help, they all escape, and more puzzle solving time from both sides.

Side Note: I really love the scenes of Joey & Liza here, it came across genuine and realistically dramatic (sometimes, when college education is not included).

The guest’s side has more danger associated to it, since they needed to collect a lot of stuff to kill Dorian while hiding to avoid capture from vampires. Which Lauren (the Engineer and Alex’s girlfriend) and Andrea (the Mystic) failed at.

The first episode ends with the remaining guests witnessing a fight scene between Alison & a vampire after finding the salt. And Joey going to stab a vampire with a stake (which he succeed anti climatically in the next episode).

Now for the second episode, which we have to pay along with the rest of the series (unless you are resourceful enough to find videos that you could watch for free temporarily like me).

P.S: What a lame opening scene, cards with guests that are nearing death?

With Joey & Liza saving the damsels who have pathetic hiding skills against vampires with pathetic spotting skills & pathetic tying skills, the other guests finding a vampire corpse to be buried, all the guests have finally reunited, with relief (especially concerning Alex & Lauren) & questions (about Joey and Alison, since she is a vampire and a resident of the mansion after all).

Due to plot reasons, nobody is going to leave just after 1 episode. And with this season’s lore (with the help of the key of DeStorm the Tycoon) being explained. The game is officially started, and more than 50% of the guests is bound to die. Too bad for the funeral directors.

After a rope puzzle to receive the sun store, they now have the resources to help Alison commit patricide. With Andrea as the seductress that dines with Dorian (with the sacrifice of doing a blood hickey), everybody did the preparations…and assassination success. 1 gem collected.

But then Alison’s mother arrived, who forced Alison’s hand by evoking the Hammurabi code for vampires: the eye for eye, a tooth for a tooth. In this case, a life for a life. With nobody batting a eyelash over a loved ones death, no wonder Dorian loves his hedonistic lifestyle.

Voting time (with the voting rules unchanged from the previous season, that’s the way that I like), with everybody pointing fingers at each other for being shady, being mean, being useless, and finding excuses to live for another hour.

Participants: Lauren the Engineer & DeStorm the Railroad Tycoon.

Death Game: Finish 3 tasks (of bravery, mathematics, and simply slaying a dragon) before the time limit, which cause 2 dead people instead of one.

Death by being eaten alive by vampires: Lauren the Engineer, too bad that it’s not intense when it supposed to be.

Dramatic crying by Alex ensues, which got cut by Alison showing them the gem holder, and viola, thunderstorm.

If I’m able to I might continue, but here is the first 2 episodes of the new season.


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