Amazing Race China 4: The Cast


A new year, a new celebrity cast from a country that I didn’t really focus on, and a new race for this season of the Amazing Race China, Season 4. (I will be starting from left to right according to my promo.)

Warning, some ridiculous similarities with last season with comparing the cast.

1. 邓滨&王新宇: Deng Bin & Wang Xinyu– Team Varsity

Members of the boy band Varsity-V, Google doesn’t knew them, and so do I, along with the next 3 male-female couples that I struggled to tell apart.

2. 强子&张星月: Qiang Zi & Zhang Xingyue–Team Hosts

Hosts from Shenzhen TV

3. 吴敏霞&张效诚: Wu Minxia & Zhang Xiaocheng–Team Diver 2.0

Gold Medalist Diver and her husband, again….Seriously producers, you managed to get Fan BingBing and Korean Running men, can’t you be creative and get Lin Dan or Chen Long (Gold Medalist Badminton players, and Malaysia biggest sore spots in their dream of getting an Olympic gold medal aside from cycling and diving).

At least their predecessor, even as inconsistent as may be, won a season.

4. 贾静雯&修杰楷: Alyssa Chia & Xiu Jie Kai–Team Robinson

Taiwanese actress known for her role as Zhu YingTai in a television adaption for Butterfly Lovers and Taiwanese actor, married to each other, but strange never act together in both film or tv. And with my knowledge of Taiwanese entertainment industry that’s the nicest & the most creative thing I can nickname their team.

Phew, now it’s time for the real superstars, in my opinion.

5. 范冰冰&谢依霖: FanBingBing & Xie Yi Lin (Evonne Hsieh)–Team Contradiction

A globally known Chinese actress and a Taiwanese actress who has stepped into fame for her role as Sister Hold. I don’t know the connection that brings them to race together, and I am more surprised that an international red carpet walker level actress agreed to be on this show, or even willing to team up with her.

6. 郑元畅&王丽坤: Joseph Cheng(Taiwanese model, actor and singer) & Wang Likun(Chinese actress, dancer and singer)–Team Beloved
Taiwanese actor and Taiwanese actress, both appeared in the movie The Beloved. I know the former for his role of Jiang Zhi Shu in It Started With A Kiss (惡作劇之吻), which is one of my childhood jam.
By the way, about a year Joseph Cheng participated in a Amazing Race knockoff called Race The World, sponsored by Infiniti (the car company that sponsored the first 2 seasons of Amazing Race China). That format is an utter doozy, imagine Amazing Race Season 29 on steroids, where race partners change for like every 2 episodes, and placements are replaced with scores where their efficiency is dependent on how fast they finish their race.
In the final 3 legs, the 4 final teams (including himself) are solidified as the final couple, and he (with his partner, amusingly co-protagonist for It Started With A Kiss, Ariel Lin) won the show, even with a situation in South Korea forces all team except for him to scrap the scoring format.
He is a very scary racer in that show, scoring the highest cumulative score in the first 9 legs as the qualifying round.
And one of the contestants, Li XiaoPeng, you know, the Olympic gymnast in the first Amazing Race China season that reached below a 2.0 average placement. Watch out for him.

Back to the celebrities I don’t care about.

7. 张继科& 张传铭: Zhang Jike & Zhang Chuanming – Team Tennis

Son & father, Gold Medalist table tennis player & coach. As I said, Olympics is not my thing. Apparently they are an invading team when starting from 8 teams is already fine.

8. 陆婷&许杨玉琢: Lu Ting & Xu Yang Yuzhuo –Team SNH48 2.0

More members of that girl group from last season. Given the progress made by their predecessors, let’s just hope that they are good at reading their clues, and only cross the road when the traffic light is green.

Done, now let’s wait for YouTube to broadcast another season.

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