Ataplus Deals: Round 2

Around like a year later, this website finally found some offers for us investors in Malaysia to invest. Right now there are 2 deals, in the verge of being concluded. Let’s see what are those deals.

P.S: From the website it seems that Skolafund has successfully reach it’s minimum target investment…after I decided to pull out my funds due to the fact that the fundraising period & the website updates took too long for me to care about the success of the investment, even with an e-mail that notifies me that there are some big name investors that are in the process of funding big towards this investment.

My thoughts in bold.

See the deals in detail at: Ataplus

Yayasan AMIR Trust Schools Programme (

The programe aims to draw out and harness the potential of young talents and shape them into exceptional leaders of tomorrow, designed as such that EVERYONE is involved – from the government, corporations, the school community, parents and the crowd; all combining their efforts to nurture and empower our future generation. Join us and together we can make a difference.

Vision: To drive the transformation of student outcomes in public schools through Public-Private Partnership in Malaysia

Mission: To promote excellence in the school system by

I. Improving Curriculum & Delivery of Education

ii.  Improving Management of Schools

iii. Providing Specific Technical & Financial Assistance

iv. Creating a Network of Integrated & Sustainable Schools

Given that this project is specifically non-profit, I am not the right investor for that (since my goal in Ataplus is to potentially make money), so this is sadly a short review from me.

P.S: This programme is also a part of many investments from Khanzanah Nasional Berhad , a strategic investment fund of the Government of Malaysia. Learn something new today.

PurelyB (

The Asia’s leading trusted health & wellness online community portal and content guide in Asia with 100,000 monthly active users from 6 countries. We cater for Asian lifestyles and cultures with credible content, guidance and tools created by the best wellness experts, to help communities in Asia overcome their health issues and live a better quality of life. The first of its kind in the region, we provide a digital ecosystem to benefit and connect both consumers and brands in health and wellness from a holistic lifestyle approach.

Mission: At PurelyB, we recognize that leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. Our mission is to encourage and support your journey by making it easy and convenient for everyone through our PurelyB portal – your one-stop destination for everything healthy and natural.

When I first accessed the website, it looks very polished, though what I saw was a free digital magazine where the only purchasing option that I could find is a 21 day nutrition program that costs RM59.95 (which is around RM2.86 per day) for a result of 3kg weight loss according to the customers that gave the numbers.

For a customer, it is kinda refreshing to see a website that doesn’t make us pay for something like a 12 month subscription for articles that we could find elsewhere if we put an effort. For a investor, I would be rather wary on how the company is going to make additional revenue (though from the Ataplus website they are starting to consider that subscription and they also work with other brands for their revenues).

Though in terms of Ataplus, they are a smashing success given that they’ve raised above their minimum target, it’s just that I’m not the investor I’m looking for.

All right, here are the 2 deals, see you in…6 months for the next round?

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