Amazing Race China Season 4: Hong Kong

I’m sorry for the late review where I didn’t realize that the show has already aired a week ago, had some problems with my laptop where the YouTube search results came across glitchy until now.

But let’s get to it shall we, the premiere of the 4th season of Amazing Race China, starting from Hong Kong and the Express pass twist, sponsored by Hei Hei Ru.

Oh, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong.

By the way, the video I watched doesn’t have the team introductions about themselves.

FanBingBing: So… why am I paired up with someone that I shouldn’t know in a normal basis instead of another movie star who has performed better than you in the last Amazing Race knockoff? And why is she getting all the attention?

Route Info: Dragon Boat Race (Central Ferry Piers – Pier 10)

Join a dragon boat team, and would compete in canoeing in a 400 metres (0.25 mi) race. They receive their next clue in order of finish of task, starting with the first team to finish the course.

A very physical and minorly luck based task (since they have to chose which team to row with based on the captian’s appearance) to start the season, while also making it an equalizer to determine the order that the team leaves.

Route Info: Luggage Exhibition (Hong Kong Disneyland Resort – Disney Explorers Lodge)

Look through the exhibit to find pictures or objects depicting tasks or country visits related to the past three seasons of The Amazing Race China. Tell Mickey and Minnie the correct description to get their next clue from the table. Additionally, one of the seven clue envelopes also contain two Express Passes.

For such a long explanation, it is a relatively simple task if you watched the show. Unless you’re the later 4 teams where you still need to read the clues for a while to get the memo. Plus, the way that a person get the Express Pass? Bleh, make them winnable on merit over luck (though the ones who got the Express Pass actually won the leg, so it balances it out?).

P.S: Been to Hong Kong once, highlight is Disneyland since it is the least cramped spot in Hong Kong.

Route Info: Bridge of Wood (Inspiration Lake- The Recreation Centre)

Slide wood blocks while suspended mid-air and retrieve a flag in a 50-metre rope course to receive the next clue. With only three available stations, if teams were unable to reach the red-marker line within the first ten minutes, or if either team members fell into the water, they will have to relinquish the spot to other teams before they could start over.

A physically difficult yet generic to the point that it can be anywhere task.

Route Info: The Pomelo of Joss Sticks (Lin Fa Temple)

Take a pile of 300 burning joss sticks and insert the sticks onto the pomelo to complete the Pearl. When their work was to the temple supervisor’s satisfaction, teams will then hold the Pearl during the dragon dance before they were allowed to get their next clue from the box.

The way that the judges “judge” the state of the pomelo is rather lax, and aside from showing off the pomelo during the dragon dance is a nice touch, torturing the buring sticks into the pomelo is rather boring to watch on tv.

Detour A: Compendium of Materia Medica (Ho LUn Jeng Gastro Pub)

Given a sample of six different kinds of beers, each with two different ingredients used for brewing. Search among the drawers for the six that contains two ingredients, and place the ingredients on top of the plates. Once all the pairs were correctly identified by a local physician, the bartender will give the teams their next clue.

The highlight of the tasks, even though I would have 100% chose the other one since I don’t drink alcohol and I’m not that familiar with Chinese medicine (or idols in the matter). Never heard about herbal beer until now, is it even a thing?

For the task itself it’s just a drinking and guessing challenge, a unique one at that.

Detour: Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Arts (Lascar Row)

Given a piggy bank containing 256 coins of different denominations and using the exchange rate of eight different currencies as a reference, teams will have to calculate the price conversion of HKD, and write their workings onto a whiteboard. If teams provided the correct total, along with the distribution of coins onto the corresponding currencies, they receive their next clue.

I’m good at maths (and unlike the other 3 three I practice it…occasionally), so I will choose this task. This task leans towards difficult, as it requires a lot of mathematical work in different styles (identifying, counting, multiplying, adding) without getting (or maybe they are unable to ask for) a calculator, and it makes the teams that chose this task suffers.

Myth: All Asians are good at math. Busted.


Now the segment where I discuss the teams, according to their placement in this episode.

1st-Team Contradiction (1.0): A really great leg and great presence (though more of it comes from Evonne). Not only they’ve won themselves a night in Disneyland, but also lucky enough to get the Double Express pass (and in a 1 out of 6 chance as well).

P.S: Evonne is a ridiculous scene killer (which is a feat considering who she is partnered with), being loud in the starting area, flat out telling Team Hosts that they won’t give them the Express Passes after getting back a boat that she has dropped (for which I laughed with joy), and talking a lot on the game theory.

2nd-Team Diver 2.0 (2.0): I don’t remember them in this episode.

3rd- Team Beloved (3.0): Given Yuanchang performance in Race The World, I’m surprised that he chose to be laidback in the task, and I’m more suprised that he performed rather poorly in some of the tasks.

4th-Team Hosts (4.0): Got a lot of screentime this episode, starting from Yingyue misreading the clue about the boat trinkets, them getting the first penalty of the season by touching the cables, getting lucky at finding Team Contradiction’s dropped boat and trying to make an offer with them to have a chance of getting an Express Pass (which is a good move by the way, if it wasn’t for the fact that Evonne is willing to become nasty in an edition where good behavior is looked up on).

5th-Team SNH 2.0 (5.0): They had a good lead starting from winning the boat race until the Mathematics Detour, where they’ve just crashed to near danger in being eliminated.

P.S: I didn’t realize that one of them is Huang TingTing (the one who participated last season) until Wikipedia mentioned it.

6th- Team Mrs Robinson (6.0): Not a good leg from them, they started off being last place in the dragon boat race, and then got affected by the Wood Bridge challenge. Kinda surprised that Alyssa went to the race some time after giving birth to her child (imagine Anqi doing that).

7th(NEL)-Team Varisity (7.0): At least they fell down from the wood blocks once before they’ve even started, otherwise they have no presence, hope that their next Speed Bump would show off their personality.

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