Amazing Race China Season 4: Copenhagen, Denmark.

First leg, a veteran had to replace a member to run their race.

Second leg, a contestant has visa issues, therefore one of the teams has to race alone for the entire leg (is it the first time this has happened in the Amazing Race history?)

What would happen in the 3rd leg, some team has to quit the race because they’ve got a film to star in?

Well I’m getting way ahead of myself, first things first. In this race an Intruder team has arrived, Team Table Tennis, and their performance made me think that the producers didn’t care about how does this twist work anymore.

Let’s recap the race, in the Scandanavia region, where teams attempt to be environmentally friendly in their transportation (most of the time anyway)


Route Info: Map Reading

Reading the map, ride a Danish Tricycle to find the next location.

A nice start to the leg, being a decent self navigation task in the absence of the cars they are able to drive.

Roadblock: Duckling Ballet

Perform with ballerinas, which includes memorizing the choreography and changing clothes midway. After the performance is up to the judge’s (rather lax as possible standard), keeping ride the Danish Tricycle to the next location.

The Highlight of the season, especially when looking at how they failed. Which the editors felt that Ji Ke performing Kung Fu during his first attempt is the funniest, I think that Xing Yue screaming (which is a no in ballet) and running away from the stage (which is a no in…everybody performance that does not include that in a choerography) is funnier.

Detour A: Rabbit Course

Choose the best rabbits according to your eyes, hope that they are able to finish their obstacle course in one minute, pray that all of the rabbits still have some stamina left in order to not receive a penalty (or you can just switch task, since it is a Detour after all).

I would choose this since it is faster, but this is a let down.

Detour B: Kransekake

Definition according to Wikipedia: Traditional Danish and Norwegian confection, usually eaten on special occasions. According to the race, the royals like it so much that Denmark flags are permitted to insert the pastry.

Prepare a mini version of it, where the challenge is performing the icing on the cake in one go.

Overall, in term of entertainment value & difficulty, I don’t like this leg’s Detour

After the Detour, teams are able to take a taxi for once.

Roadblock: Bridge Walk 2.0

Cross over a bridge to ring a bell and then turn back to the starting area to proceed. The kicker? Your hands must not touch the safety rope and below the bridge, is about enough to perform a bungee jump.

A very nerve wreking Guts task where you still have to be alert even when you got over your initial fears. Even the one’s not performing the Roadblock has to be in the same platform as the one performing the Roadblock (which is a narrow steel platform), though being a first come first serve in a task where only one platform is available is not a good leg design, especially for the latter teams.

Route Info: Solar Boat Ride

In a solar boat, locate the letters around the Danish rivers to find your next Pit Stop according to the map.

Kinda okay I guess…Just seems that Denmark is trying to show how environmental friendly it is.

Trinket of the leg: A Danish Tricyle, nearly forgot about that.

The Segment Where I Discuss The Teams

1st: Team Beloved (2.0)-Aside from Yuan Chang having some difficulties in the ballet task, they are on a roll towards the remaining task, especially with Li Kun having enough guts to finish her Roadblock, which is frightening when you are one of the first to attempt. Though I kinda surpsied at why the judges didn’t think that way Yuang Chang manhandling his rabbit in the first try is breaking the rules.

2nd: Team Hosts (3.0)-I remember Shi Qiang throwing a clue at his Roadblock to show us how high the place is.

3rd: Team Contradiction (2.0)- They are able to maintain their lead until Bing Bing’s Roadblock, where both of them just crumbled under their fear of height and used their Express Pass (which for me is not a good use of it since it is not that difficult, and I think that they would have finished it they don’t have one). Quite good at map reading, relatively compared to other teams.

4th: Team SNH 2.0 (4.5)- Didn’t stand out here aside from Yu Zhuo speaking a Danish phrase after completing her Roadblock, idols need to maintain their image after all.

5th: Team Diver 2.0 (3.5)- They had the biggest drop the leg, mostly because Min Xia has to do the entire race (which include 2 Roadblocks). From what I see on her performance, her strengths are her adaptability in physical challenges, and struggles with talking English & map reading.

6th: Team Mrs Robinson (6.0)- While the wife is able to dance gracefully on her first try, the husband becomes one of the few to fell of the platform

7th: Team Varisity (7.0)- Aside from falling off their tricyle once and not having to do a Speed Bump, I still don’t remember them.

8th(NEL): Team Table Tennis (8.0)- This season Intruders, and a very bad one at that, given that they took the penalty of the week in Chuan Ming unable to do his Roadblock due to his leg. Considering everything (not having to compete in the first leg, an equalizer of 2 minutes per team and not being eliminated immediately for failing to get first, as per the Intruder Twist rule), a Speed Bump is utterly light for them.

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