Amazing Race China Season 4: Stockholm, Swedem

The visit of Scandanavia continues, viking style. Where teams are giving a pieces of map to assemble in order to finish their leg, and finally, someone is getting eliminated.

So, have a chill drink in an ice-bar, pick out the clue from the slab of ice, and off to a restaurant they go…

Team Varsity: F-, we didn’t take the money.

Team Table Tennis: Oh, we have yours….In order to get the money, do push ups, let the girls place ahead of you in taking the taxi…good, here’s a dollar of the effort.

P.S: A minute apart between the teams according to placement?! That’s utterly inconsequential for the bottom & far behind teams.

Face Off: A Viking Feast

In 1 minute, a teammate fill a plate with food and one HeiHeiru. After the plates are weighed against each other. The other teammate who has the heavier plate must consume the plate within 5 minutes to win the face-off. If the plate is not consumed in the time limit, the team who lost the weigh in wins the challenge. Last team gets 15 minute penalty.

The star challenge of this episode, with alliances, rivalries, strategies, tricks, humor and drama. Too bad that the rest of leg couldn’t hold a candle of this task.

15 Minute Penalty of losing the Face Off: Team Table Tennis.

Speed Bump

For placing last in the previous leg, Team Table Tennis has to…make 30 Swedish Meatballs.

…Utterly disappointing that the producers gave them the easier vareity of this type of task (Reminder, this is the series where some of the Speed Bumps include maze navigating, and preparing a picnic with a lot of requirements).

P.S: Swedish Meatballs in Ikea are quite good.

Route Info: Midsummer Tree

Make a midsummer tree, get judged by a child who has lower standards than an adult. And perform a dance with the locals to get the next clue.

It’s boring and linear, even the producers decided that seeing the celebrities dancing with the locals is so boring that they cut off some of the segment, onwords to the 3rd unbalanced Detour in a row.

Detour A: Viking Warrior

Choose a piece of wood, cut of a slice as their target, an axe-throwing target where both members must hit.

Any team who stayed doing this task is an idiot, since Part A itself is already a really physical task itself and the other Detour Choice…

Detour B: Viking Scholar

Using a translation board as a reference, translate the phrase “There is no bad weather only bad clothing” into Nordic runes with the stones scattered over the field.

Even with the judges stating that they must only collect 2 stones and some minor issues with the way the letters are written, it’s 100% easier than Warrior, given how straight forward it is.

U-Turn Time: Single Use
Team Mrs Robinson U-Turned Team Hosts, actually a sensible choice, since they have a decent track record in the first 2 legs and the other 2 resonable choice (Team Beloved & Team Contradiction), the former they’ve made an alliance, and the latter had an Express pass to give.

Roadblock: Skrimish in A Boat

Choose an opponent, face each other on boats, and the goal is to make your opponent fall in the water, using the provided jouststicks.

Can ranged from very easy to…an okay difficulty, since sometimes the opponents may just fall by the boat themselves without the challenger even doing anyting.

Route Info: Navigating to the Pit Stop

Assemble the map, run a long distance to the Pit Stop, and get a horse.

Now for the team placement and team discussion

Before this, I have to say that after the Face Off, the leg is an disappointment, so even the celebrities are unable to shine a lot.

1st-Team Mrs Robinson (4.33): A good taxi and Team Beloved letting them get the lead gives them enough momentum that they are able to have a really surprising placement even for them

2nd-Team Beloved (2.00): Yuan Chang show off a lot of competition savvy in this episode, especially during the meal task where after decide to not finish his meal in the first round, he simply chose to analyze with her teammate on wich food to eat. They also tried to work with Team Contradiction for a while in order to get an Express Pass from them.

I can positively say what they will be in the finale.

3rd-Team Contradiction (2.33): Also another team that showed some competition savvy, although their methods and their remarks, in any other versions excluding other celebrities versions, would make them broadcasted as “The Next Reality Tv Biggest Villians since (instead any recent villain you can think of)”. Best all female team in this series (the previous is…um…).

4th-Team Divers 2.0 (3.67): Least memorable team today.

5th-Team SNH 2.0 (4.67): One of them cried after eating so much at the fest. Not good at footraces. Yeah, didn’t really focus on them this episode.

6th-Team Table Tennis (7.0): Thanks to one of the bottom teams choosing the harder Detour, and the other team facing a U-Turn (after choosing the harder Detour), they are able to avoid being in danger.

7th-Team Hosts (4.33): An insane tumble to the being nearly eliminated today, most of it coming from staying at the harder Detour, and being hit-by a U-Turn.

8th (Eliminated)-Team Varsity (7.33): One of them showed some people skills that he knew Evonne might be a lying b-. Then the other one showed his lack of common sense by putting 2 poultries on a place (along with other stuffs, especially with the “watermelons” that turned out to be raddishes). Sad to see them go in the episode where they showed the most personality.

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