Amazing Race China Season 4: Stockholm, Sweden. Modernized.


This time, racers race in Sweden, in the modern era, where glasses are given like candies after you have completed every task

Thank you to Reality Fan Forum in describing the tasks. And always towards Shenzhen for giving me the chance to recap your show via YouTube.

Warning, this Detour has limited spots, where only 4 teams are allowed to perform in one of the Detours.

Detour A: Cream of The Crop

Head to Gamla Stans candy store and find The Amazing Race marker hidden inside the packages of Polkagris Kokeri candy. If package is empty, either eat the candy or offer the candy for other people as free advertisement or preventing yourself from getting diabetes, the only thing cannot happen is throw the candy away.

Usually, this type of luck based task is awful and no one should attempt it when it comes up as a Detour choice. However, most of the teams choose to complete this task, including 2 teams (Team Beloved & Team Contradiction) who eventually switched tasks. The reason?

Detour B: Looking for TA

Head to Nobel Museum and find the chairs containing the signatures from determined 4 Nobel Laureate, specified on a sheet of paper, by finding the signature and marking the chair number. The forms contain different names in each one of them, they are also helpfully translated to Chinese.

This, the difficulty is some huge that 2 of the strongest team dropped from the top to the bottom from this task alone. And I get them, due to the fact that most of the Western names are translated to Chinese (which searching for their English names is a task itself), and identifying which signatures are which is quite brutal as well. Basically, this is what a difficult MENTAL task supposed to be like.

Route Info: Travel by Metro and head to Kungsträdgården to search for your next clue. Warning: Yield Ahead.

P.S: It’s a pity that the camera didn’t show us those beautiful wall paintings from the contestant side.

Yield: Team Contradiction by Team Hosts, due to a lot of stuffs since the first episode. Coincidentally, Allan Wu is there to explain how the Yield works when Team Hosts arrive.

Route Info: Head to Coop Market, collect plastic bottles along the way which must be inserted into the collection machine, the money awarded from the exchange will be donated to charity. The team that exchange the most, with get a mystery advantage / award in the next leg.

A basic task in paper where you can either half-ass it to finish it quickly, or do it as much as you can to win the prize.

Face Off: King of Games

Teams must compete on solving a box puzzle. One team member will remain on the platform to direct the movements, where the other team member must go down to the puzzle to move the red boxes. The puzzle is solved once there’s clear path between the beginning and the end where they will find a Sugar (sponsored) cellphone with next clue and another bag with glass piece.

For all the Swedish technology of gaming, we have something primitive (how about coding, or Paradox Interactive?). Additionally, history is made where no one had to take a 15 minute penalty from losing the game.

Roadblock: Who’s the Craftsman?

Head to Glasshytten and using the glass pieces collected during the race as raw material, learn how to blow glass ball similar to the model provided. The glass ball must be approved to receive the next clue. There’s only 2 stations, so only 2 teams can perform the task at the same time.

There are no bigger places to do this type of task right. It’s an alright task, just that glass blowing is art that seems so common in any television programs that is about art, travelling and hobbies.

Onwards to discuss the teams. Before I start, I have to mention that this leg is decent leg wise, but boring entertainment wise

1st: Team Mrs Robinson (3.5)-Sweden really loves them for being able to know their Nobel Laureates, since they managed to unexpectedly nab their way to a second straight leg win, good job.

2nd: Team Diver 2.0 (3.25)-They did the tasks, they went to the PitStop. Except for leg 2, anything they do everybody else do better and funnier.

3rd: Team SNH48 2.0 (4.25)- Another unmemorable team. Please producers, don’t put another SHN48 all female team for the next season.

4th: Team Hosts (4.25)-Starting from the bottom, to the top of their game, to the middle of the pack by blowing the Roadblock. While there are not the strongest team, they are the unexpected central characters of the season right now. However, would the elimination of Team Contradiction diminish their airtime, or they will become the stars that I love to hate due to other teams except for Yuan Chang being so unmemorable.

5th: Team Beloved (2.25)-An unexpectedly bad leg starting from the Detour puts them on the bottom at the start, which they struggled to come up even with the use of an Express Pass by Team Contradiction for helping them with the candies. (Although the use on the Face Off, while intriguing and understandable since they are in the bottom, is kinda wasteful).

6th: Team Table Tennis (6.67)- Aside from being really lucky (as always) in their Detour, they managed to squandered it in the Face-Off, with Chuanming getting beastmode on Team Beloved of all teams, which is good for them since they have a bigger chance of being eliminated when facing against Team Contradiction.

7th and Eliminated: Team Contradiction (3.5)- BOO, the first legitimately shocking eliminated of this series has to be them! I really liked them (Evonne at least, Bing Bing is surpassingly boring here). But with the Detour and the Yield, it seems their fate is set when the leg is midway.

They are also in the center of a lot of awkwardness in terms of the race rules. Like the Face-Off where never had to take a penalty due to the one before them (Team Beloved) used their Express Pass, and they exchanged the most money from the plastic, but will never reap the reward from it due to them being eliminated.

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