Kakegurui: The Franchise of Gambling Girls

Image result for kakeguruiJust a year ago in Summer 2017, the Western anime community is introduced to the world of Kakegurui (adaptation produced by MAPPA), where it was immediately compared to Kaiji (though in the manga community, I would compare it with Liar Game and especially Gamble Fish, the latter actually being in a school setting).

In MyAnimeList, it is one of the top animes of the season when it comes to anime fans taking notice of it and it attracted many due to the crazy faces when they end up gambling their inheritance & personhood away if they lose. But unfortunately, the anime is stuck with Netflix, where viewers can only watch the full series in this year (this is almost 6 months after it ended), and in Japan itself the DVD sales ended up being a flop, which is a surprise to me.

So why is it surprising? Cause (or maybe because of it) in Japan, and especially in its magazine, Gangan Joker (Square Enix being the publisher) utterly milk this series for all its worth.

How much is this milked? The legally published mangas (not those yuri fanart that the artist wanted to do) alone under the Kakegurui universe would have been comparable to an above average Shonen Jump series, and it has enough canon content in under 4 years to create an analysis that could reach 5,000 words if one is willing to become analytical or chatty.

Sit back, and watch the craziness unfold after imagining that you are watching the op of the anime while listening to the song.

Note: Since I’m just talking about the mangas of the franchise itself, I will not be talking about the anime adaptation & its original ending, the light novel where the cast went to a poolside resort, a mobile app game where you cheat to win and the upcoming live action adaptation just a year after the anime has concluded & they are adapting from the main manga instead of a spin-off that really should get some love.

Warning: Spoilers Abound, and the covers chosen are the one that I liked the most in this series.

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