The Apartment 5: Out Standing In Their Field (Episode 6)

Presenting…the show’s most viewed episode yet, which has a significant amount of dislikes for reasons I’m not sure since the comments are mostly nuked to death (but I could agree on one reason, later in my blog).

In their gathering, where Beck & Aleks are forced to go along with each other since…there are no more lightweights to target. Then comes Jaime Durie, and a flashback from Season 2 started for their next room.

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The Apartment 5: Courtesy Flushed (Episode 5)

It’s kinda nice for the channel to release the past episodes of The Apartment, and especially for Season 1, found the current cast basically have it very easy. But let me just talk about that in my future recaps.

P.S: Contestants in this season should be glad that they had a ridiculous budget and time compared to the show’s other season that they could unleash their creativity to the rooms. Also despite the name, this season never set foot in an apartment.

During the meeting, they met their new client, Nadya Hutagalung (Dulux spokesperson, Asia Next Top Model former host, actress, model, more elegant than Genevieve according to Andres), who starts off by sending the team leaders in a wild goose chase for a $1,000 reward if they knew what their next room is going to be.

P.S: Seeing their room for the first time, I return my word and knew why the producers are reluctant to show us their rooms other than privacy. At least Season 1 stayed in really comfortable showcase rooms and beds for them to sleep and could watch internet based Tv.

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The Apartment 5: Home Work (Episode 4)

The dudes enjoy their reward with the judges who actually show up for their party, which the events of the private party later are described to the losers and us, also cut short to introduce the very bubbly Genevieve that manages to fit in with her fellow judges very well (I don’t like her sneakers though, it’s ill-fitting for her dress).

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The Apartment 5: Where Dem Girls At? (Episode 3)

Thanks to a really huge disparity between the teams (Team Red & Team Blue against Team Yellow & especially Team Green), the judges decided to do a huge reshuffling, where this episode, the focus is on the boys (Team Andres) versus the girls (Team Aleks with a one-woman advantage), with nobody caring about Team Ben despite having 2 contestants who are at the bottom of the pack right now.

After a very lame dissing session between all the teams inspired by the boredom of waiting around, they receive a mail. Narrated by Naya, their next challenge will include with going to a new location and is receiving a real client.

(Spoiler alert, for the rest of the season the contestants will be designing one room for different clients, kinda understandable as the judges are already struggling to make the contestants inspired by their proposed design teams, and clients are definitely a realistic aspect of the show. But it definitely goes against one law of interior design-having a complementary theme in your entire home).

The letter from Jaime is also a waste since the client immediately arrives after their narration.

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The Apartment 5: Rising Stars Edition- Episode 1 (A Star Is Born)


From the Kohler website, Google search also gave me results of New Girl Season 5.


The short history of this series according to me: years ago Imagine Group Pte Ltd developed a property design show simply called, The Apartment, where amateurs from various countries (including the country of origin, Malaysia) shop, paint and build an entire house with personality. In the end, the winner (until Season 4) will receive a grand prize of one luxury condo (I don’t know how taxes will apply)

Season 1: Starts off with only 3 couples of 2 a la The Block style (an older Australian equivalent, with more demolishing and reapplying concrete), no eliminations till the end

Season 2 (The Style Edition): Went through an overhaul with the Reality Tv method (started off with 8 couples, with processes of elimination until the Final 2). Honestly, I prefer the Season 1 format better

Season 3 (Design Your Destiny): Until Season 4 I literally had no idea that there is a Season 3

Season 4 (Celebrity Edition): Another major overhaul, starting from couples competing to individual competing in teams. The location is in Thailand, and the cast consists of celebrities that I have never heard about except for one Paula Taylor, who I only know because I saw her competing in the Amazing Race Asia Season 2.

In this season (also only know about it because of YouTube, and fortunately give everybody a chance to watch the full season), the contestants are all educated in interior design. Let the creativity, drama & egoistic judging begins.

Video Summary: Twelve interior designers from around the world gather in beautiful Johor Bahru, Malaysia, each eager to prove that they are this season’s Rising Star. The grand prize will be $100,000

P.S: It’s enough of a franchise for Vietnam & Indonesia to start one season of it. And wow, the show really wants to promote Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen as hammy as possible.

Obviously, spoiler abound

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