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Season 1

Episode 1: Children’s Room

Episode 2: Living Room

Episode 3: Ensuite and Master Bathroom

Episode 4: Master Bedroom

Episode 5: Flex Room

Episode 6: Kitchen and Dining Room

Episode 7: Family Room

Episode 8: Finale

Season 5 (Rising Stars)

Episode 1: Master Bedroom

Episode 2: Living Room

Episode 3: Lady’s Retreat

Episode 4: Work Studio

Episode 5: Bathroom

Episode 6: Garden

Episode 7: Kid’s Bedroom

Episode 8: Kitchen & Dining Room

Episode 9: Teen’s Bedroom

Episode 10: Finale

Season 6 (Passion For Design)

Episode 1: Let The Design Begin

Episode 2: Time For Workout

Episode 3: Touchdown to Planet Cat

Episode 4: Welcome to The Jungle

Episode 5: Design for Care

Episode 6: Blank Space

Episode 7: Love & War

Episode 8: Let’s Cook

Episode 9: Order from The Devil

Episode 10: The Most Passionate of Them All (Finale)

The Apartment 5: Putting It Together (Episode 10)

Ironically, despite wanting to review manga, the next blog series that I arrived with after a long absence starts with a usual past time of my blogpost, competitive reality tv show. It’s been a nostalgic series of mine despite not even being a decade old and me only fully watching one season on TV, but at least I’m alive, but here the Final 2.

Aleksandra Flasz, a Polish design school graduate representing Vietnam, where despite most bets (including the judges) had her being eliminated at most Episode 5 (although with Kamille being in the Top 5 it wouldn’t be as far-fetched) she emerged as a frontrunner from the beginning to the end due to her design POV, then her artistry and later her handyman improvement. However, her workmanship & craftsmanship is on par with the usual The Apartment contestants.

Winston See, an architect representing Malaysia, after being saved from the Bottom 2 in the first week, his optimistic demeanor, and later, his leadership style & soulful POV managed to wow the clients, giving him 5 straight challenge wins in a row. However, his furniture layout left a lot to be desired.

So (if you are not using Wikipedia to spoil yourself the winner that is announced almost a year ago), who will win the $100,000 prize, something that is too ridiculous for a rather obscure show.

Jaime, interrupt the Final 2 montage to declare the Final Challenge.

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