The Apartment Season 6-Passion For Design: Episode 6, The White Room Challenge

A montage of the boys enjoying their reward, with the girls jokingly complain towards them (Eugene and Jesy at least) not pulling a Winston afterward during the meeting. Jaime then appears to give them an American HGTV surprise.

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Introducing Mangas That I Have Read From Chinese Scans.

If you are a citizen or traveling around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, one of the most memorable places that you can go is the Suria KLCC, where the Petronas Twin Towers is located. If you are a tourist, I recommend the park outside for a clean nature experience. If you are enthusiastic about art, I recommend the Petronas Gallery where you could speculate about the reason behind the artist’s creations. If you are a business person, you might obtain some news about an industry of your liking at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Website for Suria KLCC:

And if you are a person who wants to learn Japanese or an actual Japanese, or wanted to collect and read physical copies of the manga (packaged with plastic and written in Japanese) that you might be interested in the Japanese section, placed behind the graphic novel section, where you will enter a small island consisted of Japanese literature, artbook and obviously authentic Japanese manga.

Website for Kinokuniya:

However, I’m a very frugal person and when I see the price tag of the mangas in Kinokuniya for the first time, I was like nope, just window shopping and looking at the physical covers in the future. The reason for my reluctance of being physical copies is that:

  1. For my budget (RM 100, if I’m generous), buying an official English translation of the manga is very expensive (ranged about RM50, which is very dear for me)
  2. While there is a huge section of Japanese manga placed in a space of its own (with exclusive shelves provided for the Weekly Shonen Series and shoujo mangas from different publishers), the price being reasonable (ranged about RM 20) and having even quickly axed manga in the bunch, there’s just a small problem with me (and the general Malaysian public): My Japanese is limited and I felt that money is better spent on purchasing the artbooks
  3. There is also a Chinese section, where the prices are similar to their Japanese counterpart and there is a significant Chinese population, at that point I am like: “why should I bother purchasing manga that after I’ve read it, I have to find some space to keep my purchases and I don’t want my room to be as messy as my sister”.
  4. For the potential Malay purchases, I just simply read them at the bookstore in one go. Malaysian authors and publishers, I am sorry for ruining your purchase and being so stingy that as an adult I don’t even want to purchase a volume of Keith’s Lawak Campus or Zint’s Hope.
  5. Most of all, I can simply read the manga online (both English and Chinese), so basically I am not included in their target demographic.

(BTW, in the Malaysian webpage, the biggest selling manga for April is the 5th Volume for Yugioh arc V and one of the Top 100 selling manga in Kinokuniya for this year April include 2 volumes of the canceled Cross Account)

P.S: For Malaysians, you can spend your free weekends warming your tired heart by reading the Malay translations of Bongo Stray Dogs, Yotsuba, Hyouka and the Silent Voice for a ridiculously affordable price of RM10.

After all of these self-promotive introductions that only appeals to my vanity, I’ll just move on to the main topic, as since the Western & Japanese have very different methods of obtaining the imported manga in the first place, aside from the A-List, their scanlated mangas are quite different.

One of the most striking examples for Chinese scans would be Shinobu Seguchi’s Shuujin Riku (think of Prison Break with the MC being an underaged boy), Non’s Delivery Cinderella (student by day, callgirl by night) and Toshio Sako’s Usogui (genius gambler who gambles while competing under the absolutely neutral judges). The English translations are brief (while Usogai fared better, it pales compared to needing about 300 more chapters to fully complete the entire translation), while the Chinese translations completed both of their work (with Shuujin Riku and Delivery Cinderella being rather popular with the Chinese, even if their plot development becomes weaker as time goes on).

Without further ado, these are (a small part of) my selection of the manga that I’ve read using the Chinese website, which I usually use dm5 for the mangas that are not or rarely scanlated in English.

Beware, spoilers abound since I might explain more about the plot.

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The Apartment Season 6-Passion For Design: Episode 5, Orphanage

After Jaime presents the winning teams a “reward” of cycling around UMLand Taman Seri Austin surrounded with the morning rays and the monkeys, the teams received a rare but familiar mail from Jaime, where they have to relocate to their next challenge location while Rocket’s breakfast is still not being fully consumed.

P.S: In terms of rewards in my RTV history, this has to be one of the most mundane and unmotivating of all. They just went out of the sun to plant some plants and your reward is making them exert more energy just before you present your next challenge? No wonder Lisa is willing to let Vlad take her part.


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Manhwa Series That I Read All Over The Years

Definition of Manhwa: Comics or manga in Korean.

Being a 2010s manga reader, the manhwa that I have known are webtoons, usually made with color and have some spaces between each other. Usually, some of the manga I have known are dipped with the essence of real life realism in their plot. They are read from the left to right in a vertical view. Also, some of them don’t really have a volume cover for me to really judge.

Here are some examples of manhwa that I have really read (since I don’t fully read The Breaker, The God of High School, Lookism, Killing Staling, Cheese In The Trap, a lot of Koren Hentai that dominates the front page of Mangakakalot and Tower of God, I can’t include them on their list) all over the years. As a summary, this is a short description and my short thoughts on the mangas that I’ve read.

P.S: Would Boichi’s Sun-Ken Rock be included as a manhwa, despite being published in Japan?

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The Apartment Season 6-Passion For Design: Episode 4 (Outdoor Room)

Link to the episode:

Finally I have caught up with this series, which took a long time for me to even want to start it. I once tried to watch this episode on Sunday, but it rains at the same time as the contestants working on the outdoor room, so I decided to watch this series in their home page now own, especially when there are no commercials to hamper my viewing progress.

During gathering when the contestants first imitate each other and then talk about being on new teams. Jaime Durie, the “host” and “mentor” for the Apartment, finally arrives to really connect with them for the first time. If Jamie is in the house, even if he would abandon every other project to enjoy himself in Malaysia, there is one room that he will never abandon and that is obviously…

Spoilers Ahead

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The Apartment 6-Passion For Design: Episode 3 (Master Bedroom)

Link to the episode website:

During gathering, everybody is mourning for Linnk’s chances of owning a mortgage-free luxury apartment at the UMLand Seri Austin D’Lagoon. Then trying to reduce the tension between Elin & Vlad especially now that Elin is a leader.

A wild guest appears.

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The Apartment 6-Passion For Design: Episode 2, Workout Room

Link to the main page:

The day after nobody is eliminated, the members of Team Vlad talked about being in the Bottom 3 and then Tyler arrived, where teams are informed of designing a room for a real client.

P.S: While I wanted to skip the unboxed section in Youtube, having Lawrence giving the contestants additional advice after the Design Court is surprisingly nice of him.

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