The Apartment 6-Passion For Design: Episode 2, Workout Room

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The day after nobody is eliminated, the members of Team Vlad talked about being in the Bottom 3 and then Tyler arrived, where teams are informed of designing a room for a real client.

P.S: While I wanted to skip the unboxed section in Youtube, having Lawrence giving the contestants additional advice after the Design Court is surprisingly nice of him.

Client: Todd Anthony Tyler (Canadian photographer, workout junkie)
Challenge: Workout Room, which also functions as an office.
Budget: $20,000
Time Limit: 12 hours
Additional notes: Apply workout gear from TechnoGym, prepared by Todd himself.
Shops: Arete Culture, FairPrice Antique, Taylor B, BODE, VIP Lighting

Dulux Color Tip: Texture can affects the color.

A small reminder that Jaime is here and talking about the functions of their new mortgage-free apartment, we move on to the important stuff.

Walkthough and The Contestants

Team Rachel (Villa 3)
Spent: $12,060

At walkthough the judges loved the custom made wheels, though Lawrence felt that it should be placed on a board. Cat loves the linen finish, though Lawrence found the color palette reduces the impact of the wide Asian artifact due to the color being too similar. Tyler likes that there is some space for Todd to exercise, but Lawrence thinks that it needs a mirror. The elements Todd likes are the Asian piece and the architectural photos, but dislike the execution of the lamps. Despite Todd’s choice, they won the judges’ vote, which they received some additional info for the next challenge.


As the steady progress in her room, nothing interesting happened to her today.


His whole concept of the room is outvoted by his teammates, leaving him unsatisfied towards the end product. Unfortunately for him, the judges love their room and Tyler helpfully suggests that his formal training prevented him from seeing the reasons why people like the room and he should grow out of that.


Opened his mouth in going against Jesy’s claims of having a sofa in their room makes it more honest, which is rebutted by Lawrence as he could rest in the sofa while watching Lawrence’s personal trainer earns an undeserved amount of money.

Team Rocket (Villa 2)

Even with a smoother progress, the tension between Rocket and Stephanie is intensified, a boiling point coming from the custom-made divider.

At walkthrough, the judges liked the well-defined space. Lawrence liked the texture but felt that the ceiling needs to have the same color with the next wall to improve the photograph artwork. Lawrence also likes the cut in space dividing the work area and the workout area. While Lawrence slightly forgives the fact that Rocket gave his leadership to Stephanie, Tyler likes the fact that they make progress even though Rocket & Stephanie never liked working with each other. Todd is impressed by how much the space is changed and how the spaces are well defined. He also likes the mirror and the photo collage. Thus, their room won the favor of Todd because of the practicality of the show, so they received custom-designed workout gear for them.


When he found himself outvoted in the conceptualization process, he decided to transfer his leadership to Stephanie. When it comes to standing out, it is always a bad sign.


Found the room to be slightly empty, otherwise is the one who designed the photograph artwork.


Excused her own indecisiveness and franticness of changing the paint in nearing double digits by claiming that creative people do this as well.

Team Vlad (Villa 4)
Spent: $16,905

Already struggling with the room planning, the difficulties really starts during shopping and ending with them designing a room in about 50% efficiency. In judging, both Vlad and Elin admitted that they could never work with each other.

At walkthrough, Lawrence found the cork made camera hideous (and a little too school work for me) and the heart rate artwork flatlining (looks like it took 15 minutes for them to complete and invisible). Cat liked the color coordination and having character and the judges loved the application to the skirting board (baseboard). Before going to the other teams, Tyler did some small meditation in front of the mirror due to the lack of meditating spaces in other areas. Lawrence hated the low cabinet (I found it unnecesary).

For Todd he didn’t think that it is her personal style. The elements he liked are the moodboard, wall texture and mirror. The elements he dislikes are the yellow cushions and the curtains. Overall he lack enthusiasm towards the room.


When he tried to listen to his teammates (mainly Shana even though I don’t know what is she bringing to the room), the found the progress to be very slow, causing him to take a long nap when the competition is still ongoing (which is rightfully chew out by Lawrence & Tyler since it just looks like he’s taking it very lightly). Attitude problems or not (which should get him eliminated), he somehow stays in this show.


As Vlad & Shana basically controlled the whole shopping process, she found herself left out and reaching her complaints to Vlad (who then called her a child that never talks to

him). Which at night causes her to break down, leaving Tyler to calm her down and persuade her to have an intervention between her & her teammates, which she rejects.


Even being an intermediatory for Elin & Vlad and the least interesting of the three, she still has some issues of her own. Angry with her teammates regarding the artwork, as they get her running to obtain the design via Vlad’s smartphone and when she came back her teammates are already doing an artwork of their own. Her exhaustion also forces Elin to take care of her during the accessorizing.

Team Lisa (Villa 1)
Spent: $13,545

Lisa and the guys are in conflict with the orange color scheme where the boys changed it because it looks too girly. Their transformation in painting got criticized by Tyler due to the differing tone in colors, forcing them to create a feature wall with the color they chose on their last day.

Given that an episode ago Eugene and Linnk have a bad sense of color, Lawrence found the color scheme to be very weak, in addition to finding the accessories filling the custom-made eye shelf (which looks great btw) to be awful. Though they liked the platform. For me I struggled with the room because there is not a lot of space to do some additional exercise. Todd is more positive towards this room than the judges. He loves the wallcolor, the DIY made shelf, the elevation area for meditation and having a well defined exercise space. But he found the workspace small for him. Despite this, they are placed last.

Lisa Marie (Should I discard the Marie?)

Found herself disrespected by her teammates as a leader and an idea contributor. When Lawrence give the time for Lisa to vocalize why she needs to stay, she decided to give her chance to Linnk.


Became moody when the other 2 contestants didn’t want to use their massive budget to buy (a really nice looking) cabinet. At judging Lawrence found him to have a bigger potential than his teammates, so he is safe.


Designed the eye shelf and his reason for staying is because despite his inexperience he has some passion that he could improve in the future. Even with Lisa’s vouching, Lawrence chooses him to become the first victim for the Passion for Design Edition for The Apartment.

After the elimination, Lawrence decided to do some changes for the weaker teams, where Team Lisa is now Team Eugene, while Team Vlad is now Team Elin (with Lawrence reinforcing her the importance and emphasis of running the show).

Episode Thoughts

Having to design for an actual male client definitely make teams rethink their strategy on designing their rooms. Aside from that, it is another good episode with a lot of small crazy moments emerging from the cast.

My rankings: Rocket, Rachel, Vlad, Lisa.

Link to Todd’s thoughts on the rooms:


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