The Apartment 6-Passion For Design: Episode 3 (Master Bedroom)

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During gathering, everybody is mourning for Linnk’s chances of owning a mortgage-free luxury apartment at the UMLand Seri Austin D’Lagoon. Then trying to reduce the tension between Elin & Vlad especially now that Elin is a leader.

A wild guest appears.

Client: Cat Arambulo (Friendly for the kids to play in and playful enough to make babies in this room, the latter is her own words which she repeats again and again much to her fellow judges embarrassment)
Room: Master Bedroom
Budget: $25,000!
Time Limit: 15 hours
Note: Prefer the contestants to use Millenial Pink, for a client who is probably in her 40s and still married.

Also, the episode introduces Bjorn Sprengers from , who provides advice that are mostly useless for the current situation that the contestants are in right now (even with Lisa giving him a great question on the current trends in interior design) and more importantly, provides the curious a link for Aleks’ victorious design that is somehow advertised in the Singaporean instead of the Malaysian section.

Link to Aleks room:

P.S: Still a disappointment compared to her entries in the competition. And her house isn’t even polished yet when it is photographed. The 360-degree function is as fun to play with as the contestants advertised.

Shopping at Taylor B, and only at Taylor B

Result? Deliberate scarcity of choices where teams (Team Elin, Team Eugene) resort themselves to tear off other team’s stickers for the furniture that they wanted or just there to fill up space. Strange that only 2 teams are shown with how much they have spent and even their amount is ridiculously small compared to the budget that they are given.

(Though they might be purchasing other stuff outside the broadcasting time since 5 hours for one shop would create a barely painted room in Season 1)

Dulux Color Tip: Utilizing your landscape to complement your room. When your space is limited, connect the colors from the living room to the terrace or balcony.

Walkthrough and The Contestants

Team Elin
Spent: $15,552

Tyler (and the judges) are surprised at the cohesion of this room, which plays up well in their room at walkthrough. Cat loves that the balcony has been arranged for her to breathe out fresh air (the only team to do so, sipping coffee (and Lawrence’s interjection, mooning her private parts to morning jogger nearby) and the whole room oozes sexual romance for her to make babies in this room. The judges loved the wardrobe area (except for the insertion of the badly cut paper that is supposed to be luxury bags, but that could be quickly solved with a shredder) and the practicality of it (not sharp corners at the seating are outside of their bed which also can be used for storage). Their room received the most love from Cat, so they won this challenge.


Wanted to focus on practicality. Her wanting to apply (ugly circular looking) fabric to the chipped mirror is blocked by Vlad. It is her room, but she herself is overshadowed by Vlad.


Started off being the one to conceptualize the entire room, but unlike Steph he at least respected Elin enough to follow her main design brief while retaining his original personality by applying golden accented wallpaper to give it some texture. Still found Elin to be the weakest him when trying to save the chipped mirror with flowers (the end product is minimalistic but did the job of concealing its faults)


I know what her teammates bring to the table, what does she actually brings for the 3 episodes in design? She’s just coasting right now.

Team Rachel

For their advantage, they have a right to answer one element that Cat would like to have in her room. Cat answer? A dancing pole (which is…even Genevieve Gorder has more modesty than this). Another advantage they have over everybody other team is that they never found themselves in any major arguments with each other, everybody designing their parts peacefully.

At walkthrough, Cat loved the accent wall and the pole (which Lawrence and Tyler are forced to begrudgingly comply, then Cat realizes that she’s in a show that is on a verge of being international broadcasted). While Lawrence dislikes the 3 different but well-executed spaces (one being masculine black, one being pinkish and one has brass elements) that doesn’t have any connection with each other (but still forgives them for how well decorated the spaces are, Cat strangely thinks that the spaces work together.


Excited that Cat’s color scheme matches her scheme in her house (even though there no correlation from blue to grey to pink). Attempted to create the fairy lights and silk balls which got dissuaded by Tyler.


The dancing pole idea? It is his suggestion, much to his (and the viewers’) surprise to Cat turns out to be crazier than they think.


Doing random stuff (push-ups and reacting like a viewer would when Tyler & Cat bring out the popcorn)

Team Eugene

When Steph comes in to visit their progress in an attempt to psychologically attack Lisa like a debt collector trying to exploit some anger from a bankrupted family immediately after somebody is dead.

At walkthrough, Cat likes the leopard photo while Lawrence found the Egyptian column to be a stroke of genius and the black border headboard complements the column beside the bed, creating a rather original space. Honestly, I dislike this room because of reasons like the bed itself is not accessorized at all and it’s just so bare that can’t be excused with minimalism (one of the walls is even plain white).


Design the Egyptian theme columns to increase some depth (while I slightly agree with Lisa that there’s no practicality in this, it is the most memorable thing in the room and something that is very original art piece). While Lisa and Tyler are slightly worried about how this column fits in the room, the end product impresses Lawrence to put him in the “designer to watch” list.

Lisa Marie

With all the stress in this challenge she becomes quite negative towards this room, especially with Eugene’s columns and the alien looking chandelier (I slightly agreed with her since it looks weird, fortunately, the judges don’t say anything about those lights and actually liked the room), causing her to lament that it’s now the Eugene show. The negativity reaches the point that she is surprised that their team room is not the worst. Would be my choice for elimination if Rocket is somehow not eliminated.

Team Rocket
Spent: $16,812

Due to creative differences in conceptualization (Stephanie wanting to design the room by herself, Olga following everything Steph is doing and Rocket’s idea being utterly stomped out by Steph), the tension between Rocket and Stephanie are already high even before they started to shop (where’s Olga to calm them down when Rocket and Steph are arguing in the van). Even when Olga is acting as their mediator, they are willing to humiliate themselves by arguing in front of the helpers regarding staff management. At the final stretch, Olga and Rocket are arguing each other regarding whether they should insert the peacock (they don’t because they don’t have time to apply it).

At walkthrough, Lawrence liked the quality provided and how well the pink & the blue mixed together. Cat likes the furniture choices. Everybody is in a rave with the golden pipe wardrobe. Still, even though it should not be included in judging criteria, the judges decided to reveal Rocket’s peacock in front of everybody, causing him to explain about the peacock, then his issues of the concept, then his issues with Steph. Which Steph proceeds to explain herself of her issues with Rocket. Literally, Tyler brings out the popcorn and shared it with Cat, ending another argument before it gets worse.

For me, it is a perfect room for Cat…when she’s in her teens, no thought about how her husband is going to interact with this room. Even though Lawrence did like this room, he decided to place this room last because found no emotion in this space(which is a lie, cause the wardrobe is impactful).


Found himself at odds with his teammates for their brief, transferring his position to Stephanie again (this time without any sort of prompting). So without anything to do, he decided to create an art piece, with is a poorly executed peacock that even Tyler’s advice and his own evaluation (admitting that the execution is not that good) doesn’t faze him in finishing it to the point to obsession, even willing to break a fine looking peacock sculpture to complete his (crappy and not fine polished) art piece.

Quite an explainer when trying to defend himself didn’t contribute to the room much after the peacock is rejected, the leader title is almost an in-name by this point


Have enough free time to look at Lisa’s villa and criticizing their wooden floor in the process. Rocket dislikes her attitude when giving orders to the helpers and Lawrence did notice that she’s quite controlling as well.


Even she found Rocket’s art piece to be baby peacock’s poop, far, far away from their zoo. Despite being not as risky as Rocket in potential elimination (face it, Rocket is basically toast before this scene), she decided to be adamant in leaving the show, forcing Lawrence to comply with her excuse despite being a strong contestant in her self-imposed limited run (especially since Rocket is a drama maker while Olga sometimes makes herself as a follower), utterly surprising Steph for a good reason.

Before Stephanie even receive a thought from her brain cells for how she is going to work with Rocket in the future now that Olga is gone. Lawrence decided that it is time to switch teams since everybody is way too comfortable with their roles. Thus the new teams:

Team Stephanie: Stephanie, Lisa Marie, Shana
Team Rocket: Rocket, Elin, Rachel
Team Mike: Mike, Vlad
Team Jesy: Jesy, Eugene

My Thoughts:

Episode: One of the best episodes from this series. Everybody is near crazy land with the shopping, the judges utterly shone in their roles, Rocket and Steph are lashing out in the best way for most of the time and it ended up with Lawrence himself being a little “what?” when Rocket and Steph arguments caused an innocent victim.

Team Rankings: Elin, Rachel, Rocket, Eugene


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