The Apartment Season 6-Passion For Design: Episode 5, Orphanage

After Jaime presents the winning teams a “reward” of cycling around UMLand Taman Seri Austin surrounded with the morning rays and the monkeys, the teams received a rare but familiar mail from Jaime, where they have to relocate to their next challenge location while Rocket’s breakfast is still not being fully consumed.

P.S: In terms of rewards in my RTV history, this has to be one of the most mundane and unmotivating of all. They just went out of the sun to plant some plants and your reward is making them exert more energy just before you present your next challenge? No wonder Lisa is willing to let Vlad take her part.


Challenge: Redesign a part of Shafar’s Orphanage, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Time Limit: 12 hours
Budget: $23,000 sponsored by COURTS
Shops: COURTS, VIP Lighting
Additional Notes: Jaime, Cat & Tyler will be helping them mentor for the whole competition. Strange that why later on Jaime decided to sit this judging out. It’s quite a difficult challenge, especially with the orphans being on double digits managing space is quite important for this task. Fortunately, by the time the contestants are back, the easily detachable accessories inside the building has been relocated to another area.

Judges’ Help
After a scene where Rocket & Lisa complained about the drama surrounding them, we have the mentors play a part of being charitable to the orphans, by physically helping the teams do some of their work (Tyler did the stenciling, Jaime lay down the carpets and Cat…tried to assemble their furniture).

Meeting The Kids…After The Challenge Is Over
A sweet but strange scene in terms of overall storytelling, especially when Team Jesy is the only team that showed the entire kids and being photographed with them.

Dulux Color Tip: There is nothing as a favorite color, instead there is a favorite color scheme and family.

Walkthrough and The Contestants, After A Commerical from Courts

Also, the kids there are judging the rooms, which is a silent and sweet sequence of them playing around their new homes.

Team Jesy
Classroom, mentored by Cat
Spent: $16,020

At walkthrough, Cat found their cohesiveness with each other make this room shone, while Lawrence liked the mountain constructed feature wall. Also, Cat like the pole…that helps measures the children’s height…in U.S. measurement system (Malaysia uses the standard metric system, probably a Phillippine thing). Due to their well-constructed work, their effort is immortalized as a plaque for the orphanage and receiving a massage session at the Breeze Spa in Amari Hotel, sponsored by UMLand’s KK Wong.

Furniture assembly skill needs to be improved

Conceptualized the kites (explained by Jesy that they could dream as high as possible and then it will eventually fall down) and painted Vlad

The challenge hits him hard emotionally since it turns out that he’s an orphan when he’s in Russia. Then at court, Tyler discusses his own life story of adopting his child after hearing Vlad’s story, making Vlad run backstage to compose himself. While I can’t relate their story as well as the other contestants, it is definitely a raw moment for them that adds to their character.

Team Stephanie
Dining Area, mentored by Tyler

Their theme is an outdoor garden teatime, something that could soothe the tension between Lisa & Steph. At walkthrough, Cat found the room to be finished and the details to be cute, though Lawrence felt that the green needs to be more subtle, the room to be less institutional and Tyler’s stenciling to be crappy. Still, they pay a lot of attention in details all around the room.

P.S: The reason why there are relatively chill compared to the last episode? Backstage Lawrence had to personally consult them to tone down their drama when working in a team. Part of this might have worked if the judges are willing to eliminate the drama queens to prove their point.

Same thing with her stress issues. Drew the tree mural which the judges like which she herself found it could be done better.

Steph has no confidence in her painting the mural

Suggested the initial theme which got solified. Used an excuse of being a germaphobe to diffuse an unwanted conflict with Stephanie.

Team Rocket
Dormitory (basically a bedroom), mentored by Jaime
Spent: $15,214

Contrasting to Team Jesy’s fun-filled shopping trip after Vlad’s emotional moment, their shopping has a lot of drama since Rachel (aided by Elin) and Rocket are at each other throats, leaving Rocket abandoned in the challenge while the other 2 girls did the more important parts by themselves (even with Rocket’s trying to argue that their accent wall will have less impact when the colors of their other walls are too similar to each other).

At walkthrough, even Cat herself questioned whether the palette is too girly for her. Lawrence felt that the room should be transformed in a more exciting way, while Tyler slightly like the bird nest lighting that gives it some depth. Everybody agrees that the feature wall is strong, though Lawrence felt that there needs to be some sort of contrast to make it more impactful (and the beds themselves, are they for 8 people or for double digits?). As their redesign rarely changes at all, their team lost the challenge.

Accused of having a slow work ethic, spending too much time on one task in a time-limited challenge. Quite allergic to moldy situations (seen as an excuse by his teammates). I mean, if Rocket’s potential for drama didn’t far exceeds his design portfolio in this competition, Lawrence would have easily smashed him star (his verbal experience-cutting off the judges’ comments and stating that he would better work with a new team, is utterly and gradually tearing Lawrence’s patience down) and Cat is visibly flinching at how much more humiliation that Rocket will be facing in the future…if he didn’t wow us in the proceeding challenge.

Her quietness here is not letting Rocket tape their accent wall and basically follows Rachel’s designs. While Lawrence is struggling whether she should be kept or not (on one hand she has some skills, on the other hand, she is more follower than leader), Lawrence decided to leave the fate to Rocket, which Rocket decided to save himself by breaking Elin’s star.

Accused by Rocket of copying Pinterest in her designs and while her design theme is criticized and seen as the worst, it is definitely Rachel’s at her good moment, thus she is saved.

Behind they leave and rest, Lawrence announced that there will be a new captain, though the only change is that Lisa is now in charge.

Final Thoughts

I understand why Elin is eliminated instead of Rocket, but seeing him save for 3 consecutive times just doesn’t feel right. The challenge itself is reminiscent of The Apartment Celebrity Edition where they redesign part of an orphanage and the emotions chords has been hit.

Rankings: Jesy, Steph, Rocket

My Frontrunners:
1. Jesy-after his initial reluctance of designing for real people, he is able to relax quickly and get himself working on the more unique aspects of the design

2. Rachel-while she is slipping, she has been in the leadership position from the start, a good thing as statistics showed that initial leaders usually went for in the competition (5/8 starting leaders ended up in the Top 4 for the 2 individual seasons and none of the starting leaders have been eliminated yet) and if Rocket could have started to stand up for himself in terms of action, she would easily steal his leadership position.

Who I Think The Show Will Crown: Vlad, as he has a storyline showing both the worst and best of him. Additionally, of all the 4 contestants that have the initial confession, he actually has the best edit (as I said, Rocket is utterly a dead man walking, Lisa is a drama time bomb and Shana makes herself not relevant in the storyline).


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