The Apartment Season 6-Passion For Design: Episode 6, The White Room Challenge

A montage of the boys enjoying their reward, with the girls jokingly complain towards them (Eugene and Jesy at least) not pulling a Winston afterward during the meeting. Jaime then appears to give them an American HGTV surprise.

Challenge: White Room Challenge
Description: The teams have a chair, table and couch to work with. Have a minimum of 5 colors and use at least 2 Dulux textures. Their mission: Shock the judges with their creativity.
Budget: $500 at Greatzone
Time Limit: 11 hours

Dulux Color Tip: If you hated the abundance of colors in a room, make the room neutrals with additional colors.

Walkthrough and The Contestants

Before their judges’ deliberation, Lawrence has to personally congratulate Tyler for being an effective mentor. I have to agree, even though we have some really crazy personalities, after some weeks of guidance the viewers are granted some rooms that are actually livable or being photographed in the magazine. This has a slight consequence of not having really crazy decisions that make it laughably bad, like 50% of Season 5.

Team Lisa-Mindscape
Spent: $402

The judges found their experience to be mindblowing and f-ing with their senses (Cat also brings out the chime sound that the viewers couldn’t remember listening). Lawrence in particular is surprised at how suicidal open they are and found the room is something that people are able to talk about for weeks to come.

As a whole room, this is hands down the strongest when it comes to with does it wants to deliver. The rope around the room is interactive and their individual corners are cohesive with each other.

Inspired by her own experiences in the competition, she decided that she wanted a room themed around emotions (which Steph obviously isn’t a fan of). During painting, she paints an ugly drawing under the thought that Steph and Shana are drawing as well.

Lawrence found her corner to be the weakest of the three, with the couch looking like it is murdered and the blood bleed out the rotten cotton inside by the broken glass (the execution of the glass is horrible, IMO). Even though Lisa explains that the glass represents a Stepford Smiler who is trying to pick up herself, nobody is buying it and found her violent corner to fully represent her actual personality when stressed.

P.S: There is something wrong with her when Eugene never brings her up in his fantasy, even though he included the neurotic Steph and Lisa was a Miss Singapore.

Her color motion blue represents happiness. Narrates the existence of the ropes in their room that resembles connections and nerve cells. Lawrence loves the Gothic vibe that still retains its vulnerability and femininity. I felt that because of how dark her teammates’ emotion ended up being, she’s forced to polish her initial emotion in order to fit with her team.

Stephanie-Fear & Anxiety
Her red linen corner is by cutting the furniture, which Lawrence theorized that because she doesn’t initially gets things her way she always lashes out to people. Still, Lawrence found her execution to be very stylish and thoughtful.

Team Jesy-Altered Reality.
Spent: $450

(Strange that their team still uses the villa where the furniture is completely taken away). Have a small scuffle during the shopping with a budget and material choices, Tyler is slightly concerned about how Jesy and Eugene are able to connect with their initial style (Eugene’s patterns and Jesy’s action red, though Eugene don’t want to follow him though)

Aside from hurting the judges’ eyes from reading the really badly drawn introduction note from them, the judges found themselves in the 1980s inspired video game.

Jesy-Gravity Defying Chair
Lawrence liked it because it is thoughtful and dignified.

Eugene-B&W Accent Wall.
Lawrence hated the installments of the stuff onto the sofa. I like how the B&W walls work even with the different patterns, with Lawrence likes that the corners he made feel very connected

Vlad-Glass Chandelier
While Jesy and Eugene connect their work with each other, Lawrence found his influence in the room to be subdued. That is to say, his individual effort (in addition to the table) is very stylish as well, pouring all of his emotions into surrounding the white table, but didn’t like the metallic paint he uses.

Team Rocket-I’m So Excited, Memphis Style
The only team to take a risk of not going shopping in order to tape their walls. Despite their fights one episode ago this time they are calmer due to the unique room they are doing.

Rocket-This Is Totally His Room
Due to the challenge, he is able to pull off creative stunts that in any other challenge he would be lambasted of. At the last hour, he types instead of polishing their room.

After Lawrence is forced to narrate the entire Rocket’s introductory note (including a time elapsing montage), the judges did like the entire room and how they make the room into an artsy cube. An insane room that somehow isn’t fully cohesive even though it is a one-man show.

Lawrence loves that there is finally some logic in Rocket’s verbosity in a challenge where Alice dancing around dragons is a logical thing, where he laments that he could make it work in the world of interior design.

Rachel-Marbled Table
Since she is mostly there as a support for Rocket’s idea, she focuses on preventing Rocket from going too crazy with the execution (so they made Rocket one feature wall) and shut down Rocket’s idea of cutting her marbled table (which the judges praise her work). In honesty, I would have eliminated her because her visual impact in their room is very minimal and the marbled table feels tacked on.

After the deliberation, Lawrence decided that there shouldn’t be a winning team. Instead, the judges decided on a willing individual, where it is based on the willingness to trust the judges enough to open yourself as an artist.

Individual Winner: Shana (huh? the judges doesn’t even expanded on her work during the deliberation), she is rewarded with a brand new paint to use, with a help of professional painters for her next project or challenge.
My Individual Winner: Rocket (Out of all the three rooms, he has the most surprising vision that makes a Malaysian like me found it to be very original)

Then for the nominations, where Lawrence decided the three team captains to step up under a reasoning that they didn’t fully nurture their team members to their maximum limit.

Jesy: Didn’t fully utilize Vlad
Rocket: Utterly made Rachel a slave to their work
Lisa: Too much focus on her teammates’ effort that her own work suffers.

Since their work this week is very impressive, Lawrence gets Tyler to bring in the flowers, which he presents it to Lisa. When Lisa tries to suggest smashing her star with her own heel, Lawrence stopped her, because she is going to present the star to

Eliminated Member: Rocket (which I don’t think that he should be eliminated with this week’s work, the challenge is more of an outlier and the judges are going to run out of excuses for needing to keep an artist instead of an interior designer), with an ironic smash by Lisa (a contestant) that found him to be more authentic than the fake people she’s living with (what a way to aggravate her fellow contestants further).

Since the teams are now comfortable with each other (and Rachel now being on her own), new teams are formed.

Team Jesy: Jesy, Vlad
Team Shana: Shana, Rachel
Team Eugene: Eugene, Lisa, Stephanie

Next Time: Jesy is sick and Lisa is being negative…again.


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