The Apartment Season 6, Passion For Design-Episode 7, Nursery

As the contestants are celebrating Shana’s win again & getting to really know her as a designer and Lisa mourning for Rocket. Jaime announces himself with some clients for them, which includes a cameo from the first eliminated contestant from Season 5-Rising Stars Edition, Paul Nagaoka (which the show don’t even give him a title screen to spare him the humuliation of the contestants not knowing about him) wearing a very cool leather jacket introducing this episode’s challenge along with his wife Jennifer, who has a title screen.


Client: Kai Nagaoka (Paul & Jennifer’s son, aged 2)
Challenge: Nursery (Promote personal growth, spending quality time as a family, quality, sophistication, potentially having another child)
Budget: $18,000 (Keep in mind that if this is real life, he should keep on flipping houses instead of designing people-sized packing cases).
Time Limit: 15 hours
Shops: Piccolo House, Flexa, Kids Haven, Hup Lee

Additional Brief from Dulux Guru Jeremy Rowe (who is going to be a guest judge this week):

Create your own stenciling theme, the winner of this challenge will have their design sold as a product line of Dulux’ Far Away Places. Boo for not letting them use their design since the actual designs for the contestants this week actually sucks.

Dulux Far Away Places (Malaysia Website):

Sickness Galore
In day 2, Lisa and Eugene were sick (due to stress, food poisoning or lack of sleep), the former even unable to work for that whole day. For Lisa’s team, they are pleased with her absence and even changing her art piece without her consent. For Eugene’s team, Vlad basically has to take care of the projects while dealing with a scrappy Jesy that didn’t want to rest.

Mentoring by Cat
Worse, this week Cat has to replace Tyler (maybe also sick for the same reason as well) for mentoring, at the time where the teams have already designed the foundations (feature walls, flooring, shelves) that her suggestions can be safely ignored (something that Jaime is sometimes guilty of). Yeah, for most of the season I am not impressed with her, the guys steal the show she’s very silent for this walkthrough.

Dulux Design Tip: Use stenciling to create character.

Walkthrough and the Teams

Honestly, this is a very disappointing week when the judges are more critical than usual, magnified as the judges this season are very unified in their likes and dislikes. Especially when the rooms are okay in a boring way.

Team Eugene-Musician
Spent: $13,045
Due to the furniture selection needed to change to naturals last minute, they have to do a repaint for a night. When Lisa’s sick for a day, they pay some respects to her before celebrating in designing, even joking whether who will take off each other shirts first.

At walkthrough, Lawrence & Jeremy hummed along with the well-done stenciling (while I found it average and basic, it’s miles better than the other 2 teams where they barely did any impactful stenciling at all) before Cat praises the color scheme. Lawrence hated this room bed as well. While Tyler loves the wainscotting, Lawrence found it to be too high (his theory is that it should be at an average person hip height) and made the room smaller. Jeremy & Lawrence felt it is too grown up with Lawrence claiming that the child would one day bring a girlfriend while he’s 2 (look at the paintings they bought, the Nagaokas would probably want to buy them). Cat also loves the layout with the bed, rug and piano on the corner. Despite Lisa claims that any kid won’t like the room, Kai chooses this room as this week winner anyway.

Product for the website (which when I found it, it’s surprisingly out of stock, so somebody is watching The Apartment after all):

Flirting with Steph, despite her having a boyfriend which she mentions at Unboxed (tbf, she’s not even speaking to her boyfriend). Made the K art piece (very mature looking with the blue-gold combination and surrounded by musical instruments) which Lawrence loved.

If she’s not designing the room, she’s there to put down Lisa even while she’s nearing death. When Lisa, a beauty pageant, calls you a horrible person, maybe you are with a lot of on-screen evidence, but I’m still laughing at Lisa’s trashing scene.

Unicorns, an obvious item that nobody will take her seriously for the design (again), especially when Steph is involved. She made a DIY music wood piece, which her teammates change (with Eugene’s consent) when she’s sick for a whole day. The design court even has her very separated from her two teammates. With her absence, Lawrence felt that it lack some thought and soul to the room which Lawrence mentioned during elimination, but even I think he’s just making her feel better before finally putting her out of her misery. While Lisa is grateful for this experience, she utterly lashes out at Steph for being a horrible person (Lawrence agrees, but Steph is staying since she’s actually a good designer).

Honestly, if I’m in this competition (or any other reality tv show), I would easily emulate her experience the most. Being almost negative when things don’t go my way, wanting my voices to be heard and having the bitchiness that could make me lash out at people when pushed too far.

Team Jesy-A Gentlemen World Traveller
Spent: $14,000
Took all the white stuff that Team Eugene wanted to apply. At design, they have a floating shelf that is considered too high for adults, much less for a child (which even Cat pointed out). With a sick Jesy and a bitchy Vlad, they are quite argumentative.

First thing Lawrence pointed out is the yellow & black combo, which for him (and the Western World) signifies danger (a trait called aposematism-an adaptation of warning signals against the predator) and Jeremy found it too bright & overstimulating. Tyler hated the rug which clashes with all the different shaded yellows around the room. Lawrence utterly hated the wooden pine bed that distracts the other furniture like the yellow chair, even claiming that the choice will put him to prison.

Additionally, did anybody mention the stenciling at all, as a viewer I don’t know what the inspiration is supposed to be at the stenciling itself is very small?

Compared Vlad to a pompous tango dancer that is difficult to step up as a leader. Purhcase a lot of stuff that Vlad found too excessive (but still have enough cash to buy them an extra Pinot Noir or strawberry wine if Jesy is feeling patriotic to bribe the judges if their design for this week sucks). During elimination, Lawrence found him to slowly loosen up from his practical roots but found it not quick enough.

Right now my eyes rolled when he called somebody a child for not agreeing to his design. Got argumentative with the judges regarding Tyler’s comment for the rug

Team Shana-Don’t Need To Be Rescued, Movie Star Edition

During Cat’s mentoring, the girls discussed why the chose the grey and furniture layout.

That is one of the few interesting things coming from their peacefully boring edit.

At walkthrough, Tyler immediately played with the stage, making Lawrence calling it a fast track to being an attention seeking star. They loved the crib, ceiling and light beam wall, but found the two sections (blue sunbeam crib and grey movie bedroom) not meshing well. Additionally, Lawrence used the many shades of grey to state his disappointment to this room, something that Tyler slightly disagree since it can be fixed by implementing some yellow to the grey wall. Strange as it shows Kai having the most interactions with the room compared to the rest.

Conceptualized the Broadway theme (which as Rachel’s a Malaysian, found it foreign and mature for her) and the light beam wall that placed by the crib. During elimination, Lawrence is especially disappointed in Shana for not showcasing her abilities from last week.

Focuses on the Broadway-themed art piece when Shana is doing the stenciling and later do nothing that makes us (or me as a Malaysian) root for her to go all the way.

After Lisa’s elimination, Lawrence decided to do another reshuffle (though it is more of Lawrence separating Steph and Eugene to two other teams). Now, it is:

Team Stephanie: Steph, Jesy, Vlad (if you’re like Jesy, you already know the combination would occur for the next challenge)

Team Eugene: Eugene, Rachel, Shana

With 2 weeks and 6 contestants before the finale, it’s going to be very intense. Though not as intense as the recent Malaysian election and my self-imposed delay though.

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