The Apartment Season 6, Passion For Design: Episode 8 (Kitchen & Dining Room)

Already at the meeting, Vlad is bitching about Stephanie’s attitude and Shana’s vulnerability got everybody to comfort her, which speaks more about herself than her entire 7 episode she has appeared in. Jaime appears when Shana’s crying is still going on, introducing the mentor & guest judge for this challenge, Young Lim of Home & Decor Singapore (where the winner will have a feature for the magazine) and their new client.

Client: Angela May, Culinary Director at Ange Cafe (Coffee, Entertaining & Blended Space, No Glitter)

Challenge: Kitchen & Dining Room

Budget: $20,000

Time Limit: 14 hours

Shops: Taylor B, Hassan Carpets, Arete Culture, Lumas (which a 10% off for their purchases using the Promo Code: LUMAS10 at, Courts in Singapore, Jubin BMS

Notable Items From The Shop Which The Judges Decided to Ignore For This Episode: A foldable bar that impresses Team Stephanie to the point of making Vlad stumble (Taylor B), Artworks from Lumas and lots of careless handling of purchases.

P.S: Interestingly, while the kitchen is untouched, the dining area is actually used as a part of the living room challenge way back from the first episode. The furniture has all but evacuated, the walls remain painted.

Dulux Color Tip: Use colors (blocks, paint or sails) to separate a really big space

Walkthrough And The Judges

Team Eugene
Spent: $15,020

In the dining room, Young and Lawrence have to take a breath before feeling drowned by the frightening amount of uncoordinated blue, especially with Eugene art piece. Lawrence tries to get the judges ignore the blue and focus on the (ignored) table & its relationship with the mural, which he found interesting. In the kitchen, everybody is too preoccupied with Rachel’s mural, with Lawrence calling it a beautiful Hawaiian shirt, though Young found the mural was not with his client’s taste.

Revealed to Eugene that the style is Provence, which surprises Lawrence before it doesn’t feel influenced by Provence at all (at least add some lavenders) and found it influenced by Cuba instead. Shana & Rachel have an argument towards the idea contribution. All those arguments don’t matter for Angela at all when she chose this as the winner, so they are rewarded with a dinner at the Amari Johor Bahru.

Bought the marble splashback that is criticized by the girls and even himself (also the fact that he’s not informed that the chef didn’t want glitter or is actually dumb enough to ignore her criteria). Made the blue plate art piece where the plates are stuck by glue

Did the freehand floral mural and conceptualize the marble table. Not happy with her teammates not doing as much work as her painting the mural.

Her advantage (a master painter) is used to paint the marble table, Quite frazzled during shopping then smilingly angry at Eugene for being quiet during their first paint session of green and pink that is criticized by Rachel. Actually, this challenge utterly brings out the worst of her since Episode 2, having angry discussions with Eugene regarding his choices (splashback tiles and tea set placement) and admittedly not having a clue of what their brief is all about.

She’s very well-liked around the house and that’s the reason why she’s not so focused upon until this episode

Team Stephanie
Spent: $16,845

Just after Lawrence found himself at home with the dining room, Tyler immediately takes away the pastry carrying thing that I didn’t know the name of. Cat noticed the layering of the carpets, which Lawrence connects it with the entire dining space, though Young found it too much and challenging for him. In the kitchen, Lawrence noticed Steph’s (original) splashback and Tyler felt that the room is entirely Steph, but Young found it to be a used for a dorm.

Already exasperated by Vlad’s complaint (which is also valid to himself) of her attitude again. Very frazzled with that paint colors (multiple times, first with the green-yellow wall, then the clashing grey wall with the beige curtains) she should be using in the dining room, which infuriates Vlad even further.
Claims that she’s a master of ombre when doing the grey-green ombre covered with glass as a splashback


His idea is the fabric choice, the archway, and lighting. More importantly, he’s just following everything Steph is doing and not stepping up himself.

During conceptualization, he has to speak out towards his exclusion from his teammates and being the one that did the grunt work of Stephanie’s whiplash decisions and Jesy’s sheepish following.

For the elimination, Lawrence chooses Vlad, Shana, and Steph to the star (with a small warning to Eugene). With Steph and Vlad giving excuses on why they are nominated for elimination, Lawrence decided to quickly cut off Vlad first (being the weakest designer of the 6 cannot save his dramatic attitude). Then with Steph and Shana stating why they should stay in the competition, Lawrence decided to eliminate Shana second, facing an awkward dinner with Jesy & Rachel.

With a small joke regarding Stephanie shedding tears, here’s my opinion on who will be in the Final 2 (because the winner is anybody’s game since all 4 of them legitimately showed why they are the strongest 4 of the already decent 12).

Eugene-Low, since while he’s has a design signature (his BW stripe is used in the kitchen), he’s seen more for his playful side.

Jesy-Medium, a strong contender when he is implementing the ideas, but would sometimes hide behind stronger personalities and follow other people even though he doesn’t like some of the design himself.

Rachel-Medium, able to hold her own as a leader or a supporter (the latter could be a detriment when looking her as an individual) in designing and executing, but she’s the only Malaysian among the 3 Pinoys and not a big character as the other 3 (these 2 are not mutually connected to each other).

Steph-Top 2 barring something similar to Ally & Andres disaster. Starting from Episode 2 she has been the leader of most if not all of the leadership positions and even with her violate attitude would be null if the finale follows the previous format of 2 seasons since she won’t have to work with the combination of Lisa, Rocket, and Vlad. The perfect villain material that will be taken down in second place…if Lawrence is not the head judge,

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