The Apartment 6, Passion For Design: Episode 9, Order From The Devil

The show starts out with Team Eugene having a mundane dinner (emphasis on “mundane” because Shana is eliminated, one of the few times where an eliminated contestant is featured in the next episode and that person is too nice to create unnecessary drama), everybody making fun of Eugene’s Provence inspiration and Stepanie dramatizing everything since the last elimination. Jamie Durie announces that semi-finals starting and introduce their next client, happily staring at them in a picture frame.

Client: Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen
Room: Upstairs Room
Budget: $25,000
Time Limit: 16 hours
Additional Note: Use black as the core color. Also, no special Lawrence’s designs for them to apply, where the fun in that?
According to Tyler: Drinks gin, places one controversial item to get people talking

Shops: Taylor B, Hassan’s Carpets, Singapore Trading Post, Fella Design

Dulux Color Tip: Separate different colors slightly to make your own unique color.

Team Eugene
Spent: $18,020

Their concept is an open home office. At walkthrough, everybody is giddy with Rachel’s Gin Sum Cart. Lawrence felt the room is too theatrical, a word too overused to describe him, likes the wood wall to ceiling art piece (though the execution needs more work), the checkerboard floor is overdone but well executed, hated the curtains (too busy) but like the editing of placing the furniture.

Reveal Rachel’s embarrassing mistake (though it will be revealed anyway) of referring to him as a Dark Horse.

Amazingly, after 9 weeks she manages to wrongly label his title from Dark Prince to Dark Horse (like what we have been telling Katy Perry, it refers to an underdog and not a literal dominating beast)

Team Stephanie
Spent: $19,020
(Unless your handymen suddenly care about being paid, it’s not even close to full at all)

Their initial Gothic inspiration is replaced with an interpretation of mancave or to make it more respectful, David Hex (which Tyler, the inspiration for Steph to change the theme, is horrified with Lawrence being associated with that word).

At the start, Lawrence felt the room doesn’t represent him, then liked the ceiling installation and found the horses running up painting gave a little humor. Lawrence found their application of the color scheme to be confident, showed maturity and “flaws”. Cat pointed out the books they bought showed his passion for intellect, but Lawrence quickly pounced back that these books are for showroom purposes. In fact, he dislikes this room because there are too many pieces of furniture placed in this room. I disagree (too many accessories? It’s below average) and I found this room surprisingly calm instead. My winner pick.


(Is she on Vlad pills? I felt she was more animated than usual)

Compared to last week she is rather confident with the design and accidentally messed up the painted door.

Wanted to do a wallpaper stencil that couldn’t be pulled off due to time constraints (a 16-hour time constraint)


Very stressed in this challenge and accidentally used Rachel’s hairdresser to dry their art piece.

After the deliberation, Lawrence decided to not announce a winning team, get all 4 contestants to step forward to their stars and judge whether we will be staying or leaving.

Firstly, Rachel, the judges found her execution beautifully done…and announce her to be a finalist, even Lawrence thinking that she’s one of the strongest contestants to be in the finals.

Secondly, Eugene, after he correctly states the things judges is looking for a finalist (passion, execution, teamwork)…Lawrence decided his time is up, cutting him for the climatic decision between Stephanie and Jesy.

Thirdly, Stephanie, after Lawrence is suprised that she states passion is her strongest asset (for me is her leadership and voice that got her very far), he felt she’s good with designing beautiful boxes and admitted that her future as an interior designer is bleak.

Forthy, Jesy, he claims he’s good at designing outside the box.

With much deliberation, the second finalist is…Stephanie

As their first role as the finalists, they have a 1 in 2 session in Lawrence on how to excel in their final challenge.

When I finished the episode the first time and then watching this episode the second time for a recap, it is very apperant for me that why the 2 girls excel to the Top 2, aside from dominating the post elimination confessionals.

Compare them to Aleksandra from Season 5, part of the reason why she’s the winner of her season is that right from the start she has the most declarative voice-having most design elements that makes her stood out from the rest of the competition (Lady on a Swing, Transylvanian, Painting of Genevieve Gorder’s daugther, colorful mural, arcylic shelf and BW mind confusion woodpiece).

With the contestants being rather solid in their execution and both teams are quite supportive of each other, I think Lawrence decided to use this critieria. While all 4 of them did show their voices at varying points, this episode especially magnified the design voices proclaimed from Stephanie & Rachel and when Eugene’s voice is overshadowed by Rachel, it’s ovbious in hindsight that Jesy, who in this episode showed the least voice, won’t be in the finals.

Obviously, design voice alone won’t make you win, but certainly makes you memorable in front of the judgess, in good ways or bad.

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