The Apartment Season 6, Passion For Design-Episode 10, The Most Passionate of Them All

I have watched the full episode last night, so this time my second rewatch of this episode will be quicker for me to recap, ironic as it is raining heavily yesterday.

Now for the passionate finale, we have:

Rachel Lee, the makeup artist who is good at murals and Stephanie Dods, the fashion designer that knows how to drive her teammates mad. At the start, they are invited by Lawrence to the Dip Bar at the Amari Johor Bahru, who…gave them nothing but assurance in being seasoned designers as the competition goes on.

Back at UMLand, the girls talked about their experiences before Jaime walks in and gives them their final task.

Challenge: Complete 5 rooms in a villa at UMLand Taman Seri Austin in Iskandar Malaysia. The rooms: Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom and the biggest one of all, a personal room.
Time Limit: 45 hours
Budget: $80,000

Shops (where for the first time teammates are separated with shopping and painting the walls before they came back): Taylor B, Hassan Carpets, Arete Culture, Lumas, Mountain Teak

Additional Note from one of the guest judge, Dulux Color Guru Jeremy Rowe: Apply the 2018 Color of the Year Heart Wood and a color with a sand finish (? The show didn’t really expand on this other than getting the Final 2 to give it an obligatory touch).

P.S: Honestly, I don’t like the color, since by itself it looks dated to apply to the entire room.

Dulux Color Tip: Use black to expand the space in your room.

Also as the commercial addition, Property Guru steps in to announce the grand prize-UMLand Seri Austin D’Lagoon Luxury Apartment has increased its value according to their valuation.

Walkthrough and The Contestants

Also guest judging with them, where somehow all of them converted to one vote, we have CEO of UMLand Seri Austin KK Wong, interior designer Cameron Woo and editor in chief of Home & Decor Magzine, Young Lim.

Another person present alongside the returning helpers is Singaporean pageant queen Lisa Marie, just an interesting tidbit that she’s from Singapore.

Rachel, aided by Eugene & Vlad

Spent: $30,845

Using her full power as a sole leader, she ordered the guys to do hours of origami.

Living Room + Kitchen & Dining Room: Lawrence is amazed at how well the pink & brown work together. The architectural planning of the curved wall and wood paneling also impressed Lawrence and Jeremy as well. Lawrence also found her garden beside the kitchen entrance showed she’s not leaving any spaces unwanted. Young also loves the pictures (showing her with her castmates) on the console table, making the room more intimate.

Master Bedroom: The Hollywood theme as described by Cat with the black, white & pink color scheme is considered by Lawrence to be very clever. While Tyler pointed out that she works best in a minimalist style as shown with her origami paper wall and loves the appropriately scaled drapes for the windows.

Personal Room-Art Room:
If she placed some furniture that stores her materials and gives some leeway for some bright colors to be more functional, this is easily one of the best room that the judges (according to me) have seen in the entire series. The heart string installation is amazing and the candy-colored origami wall is one of the best things that I have seen in this competition. Honestly, this room alone would have my vote because of how impressive it is.

Overall, KK Wong states the house will increase its value.

Stephanie, aided by Jesy & Shana
Spent: $38,020

Compared to Rachel who already organized her idea, she started out very lost to the point that it took her Day 2 to finally conceptualize her entire scheme (thank her heavens that she’s not working with Vlad, who correctly predicts her behavior in this challenge) and doing a lot of last-minute decisions in furniture placement.

Living Room + Kitchen & Dining Room:
When they came in they are finally seeing Steph in the room. Jeremy liked how cozy the defined spaces are despite the sheer size of it and how the tone of the colors matched all over the room. Lawrence loved the luxury finish of the beams & the crown molding (this star of her design for me). Cat also noticed the peculiar diagonal placement of the sofa. Cameron is surprised with how masculine it is compared to her and felt the risk of her green palette and art choices paid off really well. The word masculine is easily a word that appeals to the all-male guest judge panel.

Master Bedroom: Lawrence loves how the Heart Wood connects well to the green furniture (in fact, matching the Heart Wood and Green improves Steph’s voice of combining old and new) and showed how much risk she’s taking in the room

Personal Room, Study: Showed confidence in transitioning old (furniture) into new, Tyler loved how confident her red is. Young loved how professionally it is made and showed strength from her.

After all the praises (compared to last season where judges criticize as much as praising their growth), it is time to vote. Strangely, the votes of Jeremy, Young, KK, and Jaime are blended into the tie-breaker, which I found it undeserved since either of them has more weight than Cat.

Jeremy: The room that impresses him the most is ironically the color black…so he chose Rachel.

Tyler: After praising their willingness to listen to criticisms, he chose Stephanie

Cat: Another praise session towards the finalists and she chose…Stephanie

Lawrence: Compared Steph’s logic and Rachel’s heart, he chose…Rachel

Tie-Breaker Vote: They chosen…..Stephanie Dods as the winner for Season 6, Passion for Design. Presented with the keys from KK Wong, Stephanie is overjoyed with the experience she has been in in the credits and Unboxed.

Before signing out, Jaime gives everyone the approval that the show is going for another season and the casting starts right now, which I am conflicted because I wanted to go but I don’t have the guts and mature art pieces to make me a contender for the grand prize. So here’s the link for passionates who are braver than I am.

Thoughts About The Season

The Good

Suprisingly Strong Cast

Competitive wise, compared to Season 5, where it took half a season for Kamille, Ally and Winston to be legitimate competition to Aleks & Andres, even the first eliminated Linnk might last Top 6 in any other season. While they can’t build like them, they made up with efficient shopping (something even going excessively under budget in spite of the excessive budget the teams are given) and coloring. The best episode is the finale, the finalist’s combined budget is actually under their actual given budget and while the extra 5 hours & an additional helper might have helped, it utterly humiliates the final products of Aleks & Winston in terms in color & impact.

(Unless you’re Rocket, who might be at home with the crazy but impractical design scheme that the “professionals” consistently did from time to time.)

Additionally, while Rising Stars experienced walkouts and arguments just by working with Beck, at least they never had to experience the horrors of working with the combination of Vlad, Rocket, Lisa, and Stephanie or even competing against them. Though maybe Lisa will feel less negative in the calming company of Andres, Winston, Ben, and Cara.

Tyler Wisler, the mentor

As a judge, he (and Cat) is submissive towards Lawrence for 80% of the time, which subsequently forces Lawrence to judge like a normal person (even when Jaime is a guest judge-obviously the garden-the judges are usually in unison in their critiques).

Another factor why Lawrence judges in a saner way because as a mentor, Tyler is relatively grounded when it comes to stopping the contestants from at least, quickly preventing them and especially Rocket from doing anything the Rising Stars did wrong last season (which is, a lot). Thus with his advice, when the rooms are bad, it just looks boring and when the rooms are good, you can ignore the small details the judges may look at and simply place it on a magazine cover.

The Bad

The Role of Jaime

Since there are already 3 judge slots, Jaime decided to sit out of the judging and focus as a host, which did no wonders for him since he and Lawrence will go overdrive when it comes to judging really bad or really good designs. His role is also quite awkward since he isn’t shown to do much as a mentor.

Cat Arambulo

Other than giving them a good challenge with a set criterion, she’s just non-existent as a judge 80% of the time.

No Bathroom Challenge

It is one of the most important rooms for a home, does not getting sponsored by Kohler, seeing the contestants forced to do wall tiling (which Rachel did in the outdoor room) or thinking of new concepts of a bathroom too difficult for the judges?

Not Introducing The Unboxed Segment to the Show Itself

One of the things made Celebrity Season fun to watch is the amount of interesting content (especially with scenes before the episode started) they editors packed into one episode. This season (and last season) feels bare in the designing part especially when everybody is so nice to each other.

When the Unboxed Segment came out I tried to avoid it, but having scenes where we have contestants talking about their experience without the stress of seeing a contestant’s elimination and seeing Lawrence consult the contestants in the makeup room after the Design Court showed a very interesting side of the contestants.

The finale and the recap are over, what are your thoughts?

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