I’m Bored: What I Have Been Up To

It is been a really long time since I have updated another blog post and I’m sorry if there is an audience that would like me to talk about mangas, games or reality television (like why is the Amazing Race China Season 5 not yet broadcasted to give me an excuse to write consistently?).

There are many things I want to discuss, but there are the interesting things I would talk about.

1. I got a job last month, which the work is physical and have me move around a lot (and it is until today that I even actually use my smartphone to do a job-related work), so going home and looking on the screen makes me tired to move my fingers and makes me prefer to have an adequate body conditioning to do my job consistently.

2. I still read a lot of mangas online in my spare time. I would miss 81 Diver from Yokusaru Shibata, a shogi manga where the guy meets a maid who is really good at shogi and escalated from there in a this is psychologically awesome way and not in a Shokugei no Soma way (stopped reading this with the plot developments going on, to be used to being one of my weekly reading list way before me becoming a daily manga reader, what a tragedy).

3. I have entered a competition organized by Suraya of the Ringgit Oh Ringgit fame, where Malaysian writers (or aspiring) would offer their best story about personal finance. I applied my story, we consulted each other and today, I found out that I lost the chance to win either RM100 or a cut from book sales, which is a bummer. With that, I am free to publish my story now.

(For me, the reason why I think I am passed over is that this story is not really a list to make you earn money and more of a viewpoint from a character in an idle game that vaguely relates to personal finance. Though the moral is simple, if you have time with your side and focus on logically purchasing things that will give you returns, you will be rich forever…or the moral could be anything depending on anybody who reads this story).

Still, it has really been a fun experience, thank you for the opportunity before I am living my life in an ordinary 9-6 work life like an average person.



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