Web Novels That I’ve Read: Video Games Edition

Sorry for the long wait in updating another blog post, as I have a lot of changes going on around me now.

1. I lost my job though I received my degree, and is still searching for one.
2. So I don’t have a lot of drive to write another blog post for now.
3. I started joining Webnovel by Qidian, which despite the scummy reputation in some of the author’s minds. I want to start writing something for fun and eventually start creating novels for real (though with my lack of discipline, the goal seems to be far away).

Which brings me to the blog post for today, web novels.

Web novels are stories made to be read by people surfing the net and spend their time reading it. In my experience, they are long (Chinese in particular), aimless in how they want the story to end and has its own cliches (Isekai for Japanese, Revenge for Chinese and Overpowered Protagonists in general). Even with these criticisms, we read them, mock them, spend about 3 days reading 1,000 chapters worth of books and promptly forgetting the less memorable ones.

For this section, I will be focusing on video games. While I’m not a fan of MMORPG in real life, in Web Novel they are easily my preferred genre since the crazy things they do in the novel can be chalked up to “it’s just a game”, which means realistic in my standard. Some may be good, some may be bad, some may be The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, but all of them sate my need for adventures joining in epic quests, wars and log off to eat after everything is okay.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight on to the quick reviews of web novels, Video Games edition.

P.S: The story I’m working right now is titled Lonely Entertainment, which is technically an Another World story. And I decide to not write today’s chapter for the slight return of this blogpost.

Lonely Entertainment: https://www.webnovel.com/book/12518664905725605

Beware Spoilers Alert, and all of them are from Qidian or Webnovel.

The King’s Avatar
by Butterfly Blue


Sypnosis: Ye Xiu is a top-tier pro-player for Glory who is kicked off from his professional team. To make ends meet, he works as an Internet Cafe manager. At the same time, Glory launches its tenth server, so he’s going to start from scratch using his experience and understanding of the game to return to glory.

My Thoughts:
Probably one of the mainstream Chinese web novels to have reached the scene, to the point that it has an anime release (though to be honest, I don’t really like the anime because the story only focuses on PVP or dungeon clearing again and again, which the former is at the best at presumably the latter parts).

The parts I like is that there’s a lot of parts that differentiate itself from its genre. There’s no cheats, reincarnation or transmigration even though Ye Qui faced a life-ruining event and while there are female characters they don’t act as love interests for Ye Qui. There are also other factors that make it big as it should be, but these are the 2 that struck me the most.

Favorite Moment: I only finished half of the story and it’s been quite a long time. But I definitely remember the Christmas event where Ye Xiu just spend hours to aggro goblins to win the presents. That is real dedication.

Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God
by Lucky Old Cat


Sypnosis: After Shi Feng found out he has come back to the past, he decided to control his own fate by using his knowledge to become the strongest swordsman in the VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) of the century, where the name I forgot about.

My Thoughts: The only reason why I review this is because I spend about 3 days reading the latest updates (I have my own ways to read the ones not blocked by the Spirit Stone Wall), so I have the need to talk about it. Not the novel to read when you want some solid storytelling (the prime example, the card sets he bought before another hastened system update, but it is addictive and interesting enough to make me forget about the flaws and just enjoy the ride.

Favorite Moment: Even though I have finished it in a week, my memories of them are quite hazy. But I remember where to prove that the game is groundbreaking, you can train yourself to smack down experienced martial artists in just a month. Breaking the tradition of video games is bad for you, even though the events are very illogical. Another major moment where everybody will remember is Sharlyn’s initial appearance, she tries to rob Shi Feng but failed and when he wants to go to a library, she changes into a priest and led him there.

Advent of the Archmage
by Mo Xiang


Sypnosis: Link is top tier archmage who just defeated the strongest boss in this game. But instead of resting, he is transmigrated to the game world of Firuman, years before the events of the game starts. So starting from zero, he’s going to be the hero to save Firuman.

Thoughts: The transmigration story and the class chosen for this story is a mage, a class that didn’t receive a lot of attention compared to the other classes. The story focuses on him saving everybody and everybody being in awe or vengeful towards him. There also some city building moments.

Favorite Moment: While my interest towards academic papers is minor compared to games and videos, I do like Link improves his skills by reading and innovating spells paid by him and creating new thesis papers and surprises even himself.

MMORPG: Martial Gamer
by Immortal Iron Bull


Sypnosis: Greatest martial genius Wang Yu, after being faced with employment for marrying a lower status person (cue the horror, of the protagonist being married at the start), decides to join REBIRTH as a professional gamer with his skills.

Thoughts: A very fun novel. Sure, you can see the Iron Bull (player name for Wang Yu) using his martial talent to thrive in what other players see it as the weakest class (pugilist: a boxer), but the strongest aspect are the clan he joins (where most of the players are crazily insane) and the quests that show depth (one of the quests have 2 player characters being forced to compete with each other).

Favorite Moment: It also has some life outside the game, where Wang Yu’s clan celebrates a party with everybody involved in his clan in real life and showing off that these guys also have a life of their own.

The Devil’s Cage
by Rusty Dragon


Sypnosis: Kieran needs to earn some quick cash to save himself, so he enters an underground VRMMORPG that has some risks involved.

Thoughts: Does this story needs the death game aspect? Because it is so unimportant and overshadowed by the unique game setting Kieran encounters. One time he may be surviving an apocalypase and the next he has to solve a crime. The game system implemented in this game is also intuitive and fun to tinker with in real life.

Favorite Moment: I read this a long time ago, so it’s quite fuzzy. But the favorite moment is definitely one of the crime solving ones. Or how he has to participate and adapts in different scenarios.

Thriller Paradise
by 3 Days Sleep Twice


Sypnosis: A new VRMMORPG called Thriller Paradise entices players to feel fear and despair, which excites an author named Feng Bujue because he lost his ability to fear. Would the game end up making him fear again?

Thoughts: The last of the bunch is quite unorthodox, as it is a horror game compared to the other games mentioned. Even though horror isn’t my thing, I am interested with the story as the author could tinker with the existing stories in real life to make a solid narrative where players may feel fear even though they can’t die at all. Too bad that the MC is quite special in this regard. Though I hated the deriative subplot, since it wants to increase the stakes for no reason expect for extending the storyline.

Favorite Moment: Usually PVP is strictly a battle between 2 players, but when in a 2 team PVP, Bujue discover some clue that suddenly, it becomes a PVE (player versus event) and abandoned the other team to despair without knowing the reason why. It is unexpected and innovative.

There are going to be many other video game web novels that are less viewed but have a stronger quality. So please recommend your favorites in the comment below.

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