Manga: Discussing About Volume Covers of Komi-san Can’t Communicate Part 2

Chinese New Year is over. It is my second month that I have earned my wages. The anime season in this quarter is almost over, despite me reading their mangas (Kaguya, GoToubun, Neverland, Domestic, Kakegurui just to name a few) chapters weekly. I dabble in some Olympiad Linguistic Puzzles and I watched Maths Mansion on YouTube as an excuse to improve my mathematical foundations.

But I have not written anything in my blogpost at all, even though it is an hobby for me anyway.

So, for this really quick return, I present to you the covers of the next batch of Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu or Komi-san Can’t Communicate by Oda Tomohito, who is still on her quest to make new friends. First batch is here.

Warning: Spoilers Alert and covers are collected from Mangadex, uploader oalaro.

Volume 6: Normies Delusion

Commentary: Starting with an ironic bang, the delusion is made by Tadano, who pretends being the only sane man eavesdropping their delusions, while having the biggest delusion of them all. The good news? There are 2 delusion chapters featuring the girl friends Komi made. The bad news? We don’t have 1 delusion scene about the girl knight. Why don’t we the scene of the girl knight?

The Komi Stare: Who doesn’t love a fantasy where you have a good-looking wife, washing the dishes while looking at you like she’s 18?

Characters: Sigh, why don’t we have an exclusive chapter about the ninja…or the knight? I need a chapter of the knight girl dammit!

Volume 7: Snowball Fight

Snow or winter plays a huge role in this chapter. Since I am a tropical boy, my understading of the sybolism towards winter in this chpater is that people want to cuddle up with each other to get warm, creating physical memories that nobody will see in the future and looking forward to a new year.

There are a lot of action contrasting this somber backdrop. Aside from the ovbious action in the middle, in the bottom you see a casualty and there is a snowball targeting Tadano on his face.

The Komi Stare: We feel the cold like her, trying to warm up her hands while preparing to make snowballs for the kids to continue fighting.

Characters: The kids are kids, they won’t be missed in Komi’s quest in making friends. The 2 girls aside from Najimi and Tadano however, ohhh…

Next to Najimi is a girl named Yamai Ren, who readers will consistently vote as the worst character in the series. Due to her tendency of putting herself into siutations she’s not even needed at all, though the dislike stems more from getting away with a major felony, not being liked and overexposure, with a dose of the mangaka really likes to write her in scenes in every way possible.

While next to a covered up Tadano is a girl named Agari Himiko, she’s a librarian and a foodie, but readers only remember her as a self-proclaimed dog for Komi and the next friend after Najami. Yamai have be hated, but does anybody even remember Himiko anymore?

Volume 8: Field Trip

Field trip, forcing unrelated people and picking out the loner of the classroom to hang out together in new environments seems like a great way for character bonding or a way to run from societal pressures and embrace your short lived freedom

The corridor shows all of them yearing yukatas, meaning that they are all now in a different place to travel and relax. But the bigger picture in this scene is Komi’s and Tadano’s placements in the cover.

While walking in the corridor with Nene & Kaede, Komi stops to see Tadano, in his own world, involved in a photography session, actually being the first cover where Komi & Tadano engaged themselves in 2 different activities. It is also the time where while the friendship of Komi & Tadano are becoming stronger, they are starting to make new friends of their own, knowing that they still have each other if that didn’t work out.

The Komi Stare: What is Tadano doing so not his usual character? Let your mind travel to the universe to find out.

I will skip the character review in this volume since there are no new characters in this cover.

Volume 9: Batting Center

Commentary: This is one of the least impactful of the bunch, given that the scene is only for one chapter. In face, the volume doesn’t really physically conect with the actual meat of this volume-Valentine’s Day. Methaphorically, I connect it as the ball being somebody love’s advances, while the bat being a response, whether it is a hit or a miss.

The MVP for the cover ended up being Yamai photographing Komi from below and more unexpectedly, her hair is brown instead of blonde.

The Komi Stare: With Komi being too focus on the ball to look at us, we have Yamai being Komi’s eyes instead. Good for her, she finally got a thing from Komi, even though this is her last relevant volume for a while.

Volume 10: Sleepover With Manbagi

Commentary: A volume of beginnings, where Komi is starting her new school year, getting a new friend and having her first sleepover, while retaining some familiarity in her life (her room and her cat).

The Komi Stare: Wish her luck in the new year.

Character Study: I imagine her existence from the editor goes like this.

Editor: Hm…Your series is going well, but you know what I think could elevate it further? Add in a gal character as her next friend, there are on trend in 2018…Why are you making her look like an aboriginal tribal refugee, make her look cute while putting in your charm?… Please, Tomohito, it is a new school year right, it’s okay to add in a love triangle to your story, the tension between Komi & Tadano isn’t going to make readers happy all the time…Wait, you actually thought the lovechild between Kanji Tatsumi & Kitano Seiichirou is an actual rival between them?…

Anyway, this volume is about the new character named Manbagi Rumiko, who is your typical gal character who is spicy on the outside and sweet on the inside. She is likable on her own, just don’t expose her to Tadano that much, it has an effect of reducing your personality.

Volume 11: Barbeque Between The Komi, The Tadanos and Najimi

Commentary: The scene itself is not included as the main part of the chapter. Here we have 3 groups of people, displaying three storylines interwoven in this story.

The first is still Komi Shouko’s group, where her quest to make friends still continue (even though the progress has been really sluggish lately). The second (on Komi’s left) is with Komi’s father Komi Masayoshi and Komi’s mother Komi Shouuko, showcasing their love story since the progress between Komi & Tadano is too slow even in the cabin. The third (on Komi’s right) is the story of Komi’s brother Komi Shousuke and Tadano’s sister Tadano Hitomi, where the story is about the interaction between the boy who prefers being alone and the girl who just barge in his space.

The Komi Stare: As bright as the night sky, would be a perfect day for stargazing and having dinner.

Character: See Commentary

Volume 12: Beach Trip With Her friends

Commentary: We have Tadano & their friends playing at the seaside on the back while Komi looking at us resting in the beach shed on the front. The fence between them divide the 2 storylines. The first storyline is the beach trip, the second storyline Komi will be spending her summer without Tadano & their friends being involved with her story.

The Komi Stare: Seems that while resting, Komi ate shaved ice and tasked with preparing the watermelon for them.

Characters: A lot of characters introduced in this volume, mainly the guy friends that Tadano finally made in his school years. First off to Tadano’s left is a buff dude made Katai Makoto, where I have already written a synopsis of his personality earlier, the confirmed male friend that Tadano made after Najami and has the disadvantage of being in this series 6 volumes too late. Then we have the short guy playing water with Manbagi is a guy named Komitani Chuusaku, his role in this series is to narrate everybody that is going on around him, though he’s not narrating Komi’s story. Instead, Komitani is narrating a boy named Naruse Shisuto, his narcissistic friend whose gimmick makes it fun for the mangaka to put him through a ringer of slapstick., now he inside the water. Finally, we have another friend that Komi made in her 2nd school year, the sweaty Ase, which is so surprising due to how limited her gimmick is.

Alright, these are the new batches of the volume covers for Komi-San, let us know what volumes do you like the most?

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