Kakegurui: The Franchise of Gambling Girls

Image result for kakeguruiJust a year ago in Summer 2017, the Western anime community is introduced to the world of Kakegurui (adaptation produced by MAPPA), where it was immediately compared to Kaiji (though in the manga community, I would compare it with Liar Game and especially Gamble Fish, the latter actually being in a school setting).

In MyAnimeList, it is one of the top animes of the season when it comes to anime fans taking notice of it and it attracted many due to the crazy faces when they end up gambling their inheritance & personhood away if they lose. But unfortunately, the anime is stuck with Netflix, where viewers can only watch the full series in this year (this is almost 6 months after it ended), and in Japan itself the DVD sales ended up being a flop, which is a surprise to me.

So why is it surprising? Cause (or maybe because of it) in Japan, and especially in its magazine, Gangan Joker (Square Enix being the publisher) utterly milk this series for all its worth.

How much is this milked? The legally published mangas (not those yuri fanart that the artist wanted to do) alone under the Kakegurui universe would have been comparable to an above average Shonen Jump series, and it has enough canon content in under 4 years to create an analysis that could reach 5,000 words if one is willing to become analytical or chatty.

Sit back, and watch the craziness unfold after imagining that you are watching the op of the anime while listening to the song.

Note: Since I’m just talking about the mangas of the franchise itself, I will not be talking about the anime adaptation & its original ending, the light novel where the cast went to a poolside resort, a mobile app game where you cheat to win and the upcoming live action adaptation just a year after the anime has concluded & they are adapting from the main manga instead of a spin-off that really should get some love.

Warning: Spoilers Abound, and the covers chosen are the one that I liked the most in this series.

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One Sweet, One Salty: 2 Mangas About (Allegedly) Studying, Rom Com Style

Or an alternative title: 2 Recent Studying Mangas That Reminds You To Prepare For School, Cause I’ve Just Finished My Fill Of My Coursework For My College For Now.

Studying in School, not everybody’s favorite time of their life since except for maybe languages & math, you just didn’t seem to use the knowledge learned from school that often. Even most of the Japanese manga that I’ve read skipped the time where the teacher is teaching the class, cause face it, it’s boring by itself.

Well, except for some mangas that are exclusively about studying. In my opinion for the best studying manga: In terms of technique we have Dragon Zakura by Norifusa Mita, where the cast of 2 students learns the basics of their subjects from the best of the best, hired by a failed lawyer who should have been in the education department for a very long time. In terms of performance, we have Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui, where a group of students must study from an octopus, in both academics and assassination where the octopus is the target, along with fighting their own personal demons and a very oppressive school system.

(P.S: I’ll recommend the Korean adaptation of Dragon Zakura as it improves on every aspect of the manga.)

Opinions aside, it is time for the real stars of this post, the 2 new mangas in 2017 about studying, which you might have already guessed due to one being potentially marketable in the future if the mangaka doesn’t heck everything up and one being successful in Shonen Jump.

Sidenote: Baby Steps turned out to be canceled. What? With Ahiru no Sora & potentially Ippo ending, I feel scared for the future of sports manga in this magazine that is not called Days or Daiya no Ace, the former still being the recent popular sports manga…that is going through its 5th year and lost it’s chance of initial international appeal no thanks to the anime.

Also, what a strange time to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

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I’m Bored: Talking about Angel Densetsu (1993)

Angel Densetsu Vol 1
The first Volume that starts it all, kinda basic actually since we don’t know what he looks like

Angel Densetsu
Author: Norihiro Yagi
Serialized: Monthly Shonen Jump (1993-2000)
Status: Completed with 15 volumes & 84 chapters

Some weeks ago, Norihiro Yagi (author of this manga & Claymore, both kinda well known, though I didn’t read the latter) finally have another manga series to be serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday (which meant that the author switched from Shueisha to Shogakukan, and from monthly to daily, a surprising choice from him given his age and what he usually works in). To celebrate in this late news, I’ve decided to talk about a work from him that I reread time to time-Angel Densetsu, and some of the strongest moments from this series.

Warning, spoilers ahead

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I’m Bored: Astra Lost In Space by Kenta Shinohra (2016)


Kanata no Astra

In 2007, Shonen Jump introduced us mangaka Kenta Shinohara, and his work- Sket Dance, a gag manga about a club that helps people in need, with some serious storylines mixed in (The Happy Rebirthday arc is my favorite moment of the story).

Sket Dance Vol 1 Serialized for 6 years, it reached 32 volumes, has an anime series, some light novels, and even an award in winning the Best Shonen Manga in the Shogakukan. So it is a success in Jump (like any other long running successful Jump series), and after spending a week writing all the chapter in the web, it has become one of my favorites too.

3 years later, his published his next work, curiously, in the Jump Plus App, so let’s hop into space.

Spoilers Ahead.

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I’m Bored: The Attack of Romcoms in Weekly Shonen Magazine

Everybody knows about Weekly Shonen Jump, so I decided to talk about Japan’s possibly 2nd most popular manga magazine, cause it is facing a seismic shift.

As you all know, Fairy Tail ended this year, along with Yamada-kun & The Seven Witches (both needs no explanation), Acma Game (game mystery), As the Gods Will (survival game thriller), The Knight In The Area (soccer), and recently going to end, Kindaichi (detective mystery) & Baby Steps (tennis). All of them were serialized for more than 2 years, some of them even started in the 2000s. Confidently says that the era of Fairy Tail has ended.

Though the shift wouldn’t be such a huge issue if it not for one thing:

An unsettling balance of genres in the magazine.

In fantasy action, we have The Seven Deadly Sins (have not read), which presumably becomes the next mascot series by the magazine, with Fire Force (sparingly read) not far behind, there’s also a new series in Kessen no Kuon (not even have the chance to read), whose position is already at the edge of cancellation.

Kessen No Kuon Vol 1, which is a pity since I would want that cover as a poster.
In thriller, Real Account (read the Chinese Scans) takes the lead over 3 new comers in Tokyo Revengers (no chance to read, but possibly safe from now), World End Crusders (also no chance to read, with the added possibility of being cancelled) & Seishun Soukanzu (About a character relationship chart & clowns, quite an interesting read even though I only read the Japanese raws).

Though both of these genres are luckier compared to sports, as in the 2010s, no new sport series (emphasis on new, which Ace of Diamond Act 2 is not, have not read it by the way) have managed to survive in this magazine for a year, unless your name is DAYS (made a blog post about it) or willingly submit yourself to only serialized digitally (which helps Ranker’s High stay for a while, and it never gave that chance to August Outlaw, even though the latter actually appeared for a Momoiro Clover Z promotion video, never watched both of them though).

(Love this song, very suitable for a sport anime especially at the tension from the trumpet during the days part).

What reigns supreme in this magazine, romance comedy, and there is a lot of variety for you, from the old to the new.

Warning, spoilers and ramblings ahead.

Thanks to Manga Helpers for unknowingly educating me about Japanese manga magazines.

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Amazing Race China Season 4: Finale in Shanghai, China

The Finalists:

Team Mrs Robinson, the unexpected team to beat after their weak start, with 5 leg wins under their belt.

Team Beloved, the movie star team who are a strong team on their own right.

Or Team Diver 2.0, the couple with an Olympic athlete who once had to run a leg on her own, and the dark horse of this season.

Onwards to finale, Shanghai, where the teams come back in time of the Shanghai jazz period, reminiscing about their time in the race.

Who will win, watch the show to find out, or just simply use Wikipedia if you don’t want to spend around a hour to watch the race.

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