Amazing Race China Season 4: Copenhagen, Denmark.

First leg, a veteran had to replace a member to run their race.

Second leg, a contestant has visa issues, therefore one of the teams has to race alone for the entire leg (is it the first time this has happened in the Amazing Race history?)

What would happen in the 3rd leg, some team has to quit the race because they’ve got a film to star in?

Well I’m getting way ahead of myself, first things first. In this race an Intruder team has arrived, Team Table Tennis, and their performance made me think that the producers didn’t care about how does this twist work anymore.

Let’s recap the race, in the Scandanavia region, where teams attempt to be environmentally friendly in their transportation (most of the time anyway)


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Amazing Race China Season 4: Hong Kong

I’m sorry for the late review where I didn’t realize that the show has already aired a week ago, had some problems with my laptop where the YouTube search results came across glitchy until now.

But let’s get to it shall we, the premiere of the 4th season of Amazing Race China, starting from Hong Kong and the Express pass twist, sponsored by Hei Hei Ru.

Oh, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong.

By the way, the video I watched doesn’t have the team introductions about themselves.

FanBingBing: So… why am I paired up with someone that I shouldn’t know in a normal basis instead of another movie star who has performed better than you in the last Amazing Race knockoff? And why is she getting all the attention?

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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Season 2: The Masquerade

How This New Season Started: With Joey Graceffa (due to taking the deed) being possessed by another greater evil: a witch who manipulated Joey to invite YouTubers who I don’t care about (except for Tyler Oakley, and that’s because he’s easily more recognizable than anybody else) over normal people who normal people don’t care about to play characters that everybody will 90% forget about for a Victorian style dinner party with theatrics that people should have thought twice about.

Unless you are the previous survivors, who wisely choose to decline with the risk of “dying” (until a possible All Stars season came along).

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Amazing Race China Season 3: Finale, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Now it’s time for the finale, the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics, where finished 1 or 2 months ago, so no more talking about that. Instead, who will get the Gold Medal of this season.

Was it Liu Xiang & Xu Qifeng (Team Hurdle), the team that had the producers allowed to switch members in the race?

Was it Guo Jinging & Kenneth Kwo (Team Married), the couple who has a lot of top moments which got screwed by the bottom moments in the second half, leaving them seemingly weaker than they actually are?

Or Jin DaChuan & Liu Chang (Team Returnees), who brings an massive advantage of experience towards the and being the frontrunner all season long?

Start by drinking a cherry juice made from Brazil, take a ride to the slums and never cross the road when the streetlight is red.

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Amazing Race China 3: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

For the first time in this season, the same country is used for 2 episodes, and this lucky recipient here is the USA, more specifically Atlanta, Georgia, the location for the 1996 Summer Olympics.

And to set another reset button, this time the show decides that every team should start on the same time since 2 or 3 minutes between teams are just really easy to catch up.

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