Flash Games: Sequence

In truth, I think that my flash games reviews will be rarer and rarer, as my laptop turned out to be inefficient in running with (Adobe?) Flash Player, so my gameplay with this computer tends to be really laggy, and this applies to WordPress as well, I could run circles when I write in Microsoft Word over writing in WordPress.

But nonetheless, here is my new Flash Game review.

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Movie (or Arcade) Thoughts: Wangan Midnight

Well where should I start, in arcades?

Okay, in my childhood days where my family and I went to malls, my first priority is usually the arcades (which I still was, but now my love is transferred to books).

The days of the arcade where these games usually reign supreme-Dance Dance Revolution, Initial D, Ghost Squad, Mushi King, Dinosaur King, Love & Berry, Taiko Drum Master and so on.

Note: I mostly play rhythm and occasionally the Mushi King types, so I can’t speak to everybody.

Now those arcade has been replaced by new arcades, like Animal Kaiser, Mai Mai, those shooters that you have unliminted ammo fighting spiders, sea cucumbers & skeletons, and of course, Wangan Midnight, now tuned in 5 (though I have never seen 4 though, maybe 3DX replaced it?)

At first, I just wanna find a YouTube video about the game itself, but since I stumbled upon this movie, produced by Geneon Universal Entertainment in 2009, so I watch it and decided that I will talk about it.

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Poems: Chess

Chess, I did played it, but nowadays it’s kinda rare.

The time where played it seriously is in my father’s birthday 2 or 3 years ago, which I gift him a chess set and we started playing. All the time we played, I lost, even though my dad comments that I’m improving. Still, I’m impressed that I have seen a strategic side from my dad.

At that time I collected newspaper about chess, search for some websites about chess, I also did downloaded a free app that makes you plays chess with an AI. All the time we played, I lost, even on Level 1. And then suddenly, I just stopped playing.

Maybe strategy is not my main strength.

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