The Apartment Season 6-Passion For Design: Episode 4 (Outdoor Room)

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Finally I have caught up with this series, which took a long time for me to even want to start it. I once tried to watch this episode on Sunday, but it rains at the same time as the contestants working on the outdoor room, so I decided to watch this series in their home page now own, especially when there are no commercials to hamper my viewing progress.

During gathering when the contestants first imitate each other and then talk about being on new teams. Jaime Durie, the “host” and “mentor” for the Apartment, finally arrives to really connect with them for the first time. If Jamie is in the house, even if he would abandon every other project to enjoy himself in Malaysia, there is one room that he will never abandon and that is obviously…

Spoilers Ahead

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The Apartment 6-Passion For Design: Episode 3 (Master Bedroom)

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During gathering, everybody is mourning for Linnk’s chances of owning a mortgage-free luxury apartment at the UMLand Seri Austin D’Lagoon. Then trying to reduce the tension between Elin & Vlad especially now that Elin is a leader.

A wild guest appears.

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The Apartment 6-Passion For Design: Episode 2, Workout Room

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The day after nobody is eliminated, the members of Team Vlad talked about being in the Bottom 3 and then Tyler arrived, where teams are informed of designing a room for a real client.

P.S: While I wanted to skip the unboxed section in Youtube, having Lawrence giving the contestants additional advice after the Design Court is surprisingly nice of him.

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The Apartment Season 6-Passion For Design: Episode 1 (Living Room)

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Link to The Apartment Web page, as the video I’m using right now is unlisted.

Even though the show is been running for 3 episodes already, the official recap from me has been delayed until now, mostly because of college and recapping the first season of The Apartment. Again, I’m struggling to see whether this show is popular enough for Jaime & Lawrence to throw a ridiculous amount of money into it, since (admittedly my stalking method is limited given that I don’t use any social media websites) even Instagram & Twitter doesn’t really show a strong support for this series.

Nonetheless, it is still The Apartment, and with the series is running right I think that it deserves to be recapped. So let me do the job, even though it might seem to be a little half-baked in execution and not showing pictures.

So for the aspiring interior designers, their grand prize is a mortgage-free luxury apartment at the UMLand Seri Austin D’Lagoon in Johor Bahru, Iskandar Malaysia.

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The Apartment Season 1: Episode 8, The Finale

The finale, after 7 weeks of grueling planning, shopping, building, assembling, being judged harshly, awarded with advantages that most of them barely use at their maximum, encountering show homes by Sime Darby and finally, repolishing their homes all again to win a mortgage-free condo at The Quarza, courtesy of Sime Darby Properties.

Will the winners (already known with 3 clicks to Wikipedia) be:

Jeremy & Renai, Team Dating, with their room execution and money saving skills they were awarded with 3 wins, but will the consistent tendency of being minimalistic to the point of being lazy?

Micheal & Artika, Team Friends, even with their improvements and being the most consistent DIY builders of the group, the tendency of darker colors and weak room layout net them only a single win, while they overcome the odds?

Syed & Rodrigo, Team Housemates, their instinctive eye for luxury design improves every one they touched upon, giving them 3 wins, but will they win it all despite rarely create their own designs?

Let’s find out in the finale of the Apartment, where second place means meeting new friends.

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The Apartment Season 1: Episode 7, Family Room

Yeah, a triple update on a show that even with the recent season ongoing is a very niche show at least (even Twitter has a lukewarm reception towards the show in general). Instead of talking about Hinamatsuri where I skipped the first episode.

Here Kahi just simply talks about how far they have come in designing their penthouse without managing to harm themselves or severely harms the judges’ eyes along the way and giving teams only 10 hours to complete their final room, a combination of a space with the room, the outdoor shower area, a smoking area outside and a balcony.

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The Apartment 1, Episode 6, Kitchen & Dining Room

Designing 2 rooms is tough, although both the kitchen & dining room seems to be interchargable with each other, shopping for their appliances before their design taste level is defined, is even tougher. Under 8 hours? Even Team Housemates, who have a 2 hour assistance, is diabolocal for the teams.

P.S: When is groceries or vegetables good accessories for designing a room?

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