Amazing Race China 2 (2015): China, which is the Finale. And Thoughts

Finally, after another week of waiting and blogging other shows, the finale of the Amazing Race China.

Who is going to win the Infiniti Cars and another load of donation money?

Is it Team Chopsticks, who survived time over time in getting 7 out of 9 bottom 2 placements before finally getting a leg win and beating Team Running Man?

Is it Team Married, who started off well but now placing rather okay?

Or is it Team Happy Junior, where after WuXin nearly missing the flight, placing consistently and having a huge disaster in Thailand putting them at a time disadvantage?

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Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Bangkok, Thailand

Allan Wu: Hello, and welcome to the penultimate leg, where the Final 3 is up for grabs. But first, meet your now Intruders…Jin ZhongGuo & Li GuanZhu, cast members of Running Men, and to the finals if they win 1st and only first.

Huh, Han Geng?
Huh, Han Geng?

Teams: Hi, Team Running Man.

Teams  Running Man: Hi

Allan Wu: Let’s proceed to the first task.

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Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Windhoek, Namibia

Note: Before I start, I have to celebrate this blog’s 100 post, and reaching over 1000 views. Which is kinda hard actually, to be encouraged and discouraged to continue writing. But I’m quite happy there are people enjoy my writing.

And thank you everyone (well, mostly in the China region, and Canada) for something making this season Istanbul post unexpectedly exploded in viewer ship (well, my blog standard at least, and couldn’t you try to like it?), so I just want to ask, what do you like about that post?

So anyway-

Intruder Alert, Teams, Please Level Up Your Racing Abilities

Well…if you are an avid Amazing Race viewer, you all have already know that this season has an Intruder concept, where a team will arrive at some point to compete with the remaining racers. If the Intruder finished the same leg they arrive in the Top 2, congratulations for the Intruders for officially joining the race.

So what will happen, when Amazing Race China travels to a new continent, Africa.

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Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

Love is in the air, in the whisper of the trees,
Love is in the air in the thunder of the sea,
And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming,
I don’t know if I feel safe,
But it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when I call out your name.

-Love Is In The Air, Tom Jones

(What, it fits with this leg theme, and I love that song when the radio plays on Lite FM)

Anyway, here we go, for the first time ever, Amazing Race China starts experimenting with 1 leg, 1 different country (Wikipedia mentioned it, from Spain, France, Namibia, Mauritius, Thailand and obviously, China)

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Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Madrid, Spain

Well, sorry for this late post, since I have an exam to attend. But if I can progress my exam week very smoothly, this will be as eating a piece of a yogurt marble cheesecake.

Please, can you now focus on us?
Please, can you now focus on us?

So, with no time, to waste, all those pampered celebrities are now in Madrid, equipped with medieval armor to take out all the tasks that hurt them, and the harsh 40 degree temperature.

And me, Allan Wu, who is now wooing everyone in this red capirote.
And me, Allan Wu, who is now wooing everyone in this red capirote.

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Amazing Race China 2 (2015): Cappadocia, Turkey.

3 days after I finished watching the episodes, and then I look up to Wikipedia to know the locations (and the tasks)

Wikipedia: Sorry, the details about leg 4 is not fully written yet, please edit it yourself to contribute our page.

So, now I’m going blind for this post.

Last Time on Amazing Race 2015, where celebrities are strapped for cash in the mad dash.

Allan Wu: This is a double leg, which means no Speedbump for you Team Singers. However, this also means that you’ll both have to sleep in a supermarket, at least it’s a step up from getting fleas.

Team SUPER!: [BaoYi about ZhiWei] Yep! My father is really tired and we are not doing this for ratings, so we have to take the penalty (for not sleeping in a local house).

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