Amazing Race Season 4: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The round for the tickets to the Final 3, in my hometown.

Teams will depart 1 minute apart from each other, following the finishing order from the previous leg, they will receive their first clue,an envelope containing the leg money and also a piece of Buddhi Batiks Saree cloth, additional pieces will be provided after each task, completing it is essential to complete the leg.

A leg so competitive, that a single taxi negotiation will cause your elimination.

Thanks to Reality Fan Forum for the summary of the tasks

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Amazing Race China 4: Zhuhai & Macau, China

According to the sponsors (Chimelong, the amusement park that the teams are racing in, and the ones who gave the dolls as the treasure) and the producers for this leg, Roadblock and Detour are outdated, and now Face Off is the fashion in the Amazing Race franchise right now.

Thanks to Reality Fan Forum for the task description

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Amazing Race China Season 4: Singapore

Sadly, it seems to with the full leg course being revealed, the teams are now travelling the remainder of the season in Asia, a far cry from the Olympic destinations in Season 3 and the 4 continent race in season 2. It’s no use crying over spilled milk after all

Video link here.

Warning: Vote U-Turn ahead, and everybody (Note: Team Mrs Robinson) in the hotel is trying to ally with everyone in order to avoid doing 2 tasks, cumulating in all the teams meeting each other after a round of negotiations.

Thanks to Reality Fan Forum for the description of the tasks.

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Amazing Race China Season 4: Hefei, China

Another recap for the Amazing Race, and this time the celebrities raced back in China when the season is ongoing. What do they have to collect? The 4 Chinese writing utensils: brush, ink, inkstone and paper. Let’s go.

P.S: Looking at how the team departure works makes me feel bad for everybody else in another season, since aside from first place there is literally nothing to gain from getting high placements.

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