Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Season 2: The Masquerade

How This New Season Started: With Joey Graceffa (due to taking the deed) being possessed by another greater evil: a witch who manipulated Joey to invite YouTubers who I don’t care about (except for Tyler Oakley, and that’s because he’s easily more recognizable than anybody else) over normal people who normal people don’t care about to play characters that everybody will 90% forget about for a Victorian style dinner party with theatrics that people should have thought twice about.

Unless you are the previous survivors, who wisely choose to decline with the risk of “dying” (until a possible All Stars season came along).

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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Episode 8: All Out War

Years Before Montage: After a battle in World War 1, an American veteran become so extremely obsessed with gold that he collected, he decided to kill his friends (and maybe even fuckbuddies cause, you know, 6 months is an insanely long time in a house of evil, and how do they managed to survive for six months anyway?).

And this episode death scene is so scary that viewer warning is advised, like even worse than being buried alive by your friends without having a chance to defend yourself in challenges.


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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Episode 6: Did Someone Call For An Exorcist

A Years Before Segment (Which is a first): A priest failed to do an exorcism, was a bad model for drunk driving, and somehow got lost and found himself to the house, all without the influence of the hooded man, that is a first.

By The Way: Thank you for everybody for the views so far and reading my blog, it’s been wonderful month for me (500 views in a week and 100 views in a day, that is a first)

Thank you to georgiapeach from Reality Fan Forum for linking my China 3 Athens post to the Amazing Race China 3 Show Discussion Forum, small or big publicity, is good publicity.,32329.0.html

So thank you all.

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