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Sun! Sand! Sahara!

Light My Way!

I Don’t Know How To Ride This Thing!

There’s Snow In Morocco?

A Blind’s Man Nightmare.

Leap Of Faith.

Rock The Kasbah.

Never Give Up

Come Hell Or High Water.

And Then There Were Four

Final Thoughts

Expedition Impossible: And Then There Were Four

They ride animals, they row boats, they walk mountain, and they solve puzzles.

And now, there were four.

The Gypsies (Purple), where they shamelessly won stages after stages, and their only opposition is John’s rolled ankle.

Fab 3 (Teal), the only team that beaten Purple for 1 stage, but they were either sick, or yelling at each other, or both.

Football Players (Football-Blue), they are rookies in outdoors, and bad with waters, but their physical prowess got them in the lead pack.

No Limits (Orange), having a blind guy and a guy with a fractured ankle didn’t keep them from having strong finishes and inspire everybody, mostly with their determination and knowing how to follow the instructions better than the last 2 teams.

This is the final episode.

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Expedition Impossible: A Blind’s Man Nightmare

Hi, I changed a new look for my profile page to suit what I’m currently recapping right now. I call the picture Camo 25, though strangely Country Boys are not my favorite team, just felt that this look suit my expedition.

And yeah, I made this as an opening just to do the opening.

Why did I recap this first over Kid Nation, Project Runway Canada or Work Of Art?

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