I’m Bored: Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Online Game

This is not the board that I’m playing, the actual one that I’m playing right now is more prettier, but soulless.

Oddly for a guru that promotes financial education to the public (probably because I’m not born in the USA), the first time I officially heard about him was when in my grandma’s house, I borrowed a book written by him from my uncle who also lives there.

The book-Rich Brother Rich Sister, a very odd choice for my introduction with him (which is more of an autobiography for him and his sister, as we haven’t learn about Rob’s childhood again and again with his other self-help books).

As I’m writing about this, I’m hooked on Robert Kiyosaki, making me read some of his books (including his famous work Rich Dad Poor Dad, albeit in Chinese), so despite a lot of controversy surrounding him, with the fact that who was actually his Rich Dad in his childhood, I am a fan of him, and actually became a user for his website (www.richdad.com).

However, the only thing that I did his website is just to play the game that he made before he became popular: Cashflow, a Monopoly-like game that helps you to get out of the rat race.

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