Flash Games: Mission US 4-City of Immigrants

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Despite not being an US citizen, I found the Mission US games to be quite unique when it comes to flash games. While I have only played 3 of the 5 games thus far, the Electric Funstaff production provided me not only the unique content of people living in the 20th American century (along with the construction of that country), fun mini-games that could have been improved to a standalone game and amazingly, voice acting, which is quite ambitious for a free flash game.

Of course, these games are meant for US students, where they would learn about history by playing this game in a fun way. Additionally, the endings is towards between good to great, influenced by how many badges you earned in this playthrough. For this game, there are 3 main badges above the other optional badges that conclude the epilogue, so choose according to your self-insert wants.

Website for the Mission US games, which includes the documents that supplement the player’s knowledge of the era you are playing.

(Although for me, I prefer to the one from the Brainpop, since they don’t require me to register for a game that I don’t play everyday).

While it is sort of an introduction to the game, it is also includes my thoughts when playing it for recapping. Here I would separate according to the chapter and some of my findings in this game, so spoilers ahead.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

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Movie (or Arcade) Thoughts: Wangan Midnight

Well where should I start, in arcades?

Okay, in my childhood days where my family and I went to malls, my first priority is usually the arcades (which I still was, but now my love is transferred to books).

The days of the arcade where these games usually reign supreme-Dance Dance Revolution, Initial D, Ghost Squad, Mushi King, Dinosaur King, Love & Berry, Taiko Drum Master and so on.

Note: I mostly play rhythm and occasionally the Mushi King types, so I can’t speak to everybody.

Now those arcade has been replaced by new arcades, like Animal Kaiser, Mai Mai, those shooters that you have unliminted ammo fighting spiders, sea cucumbers & skeletons, and of course, Wangan Midnight, now tuned in 5 (though I have never seen 4 though, maybe 3DX replaced it?)

At first, I just wanna find a YouTube video about the game itself, but since I stumbled upon this movie, produced by Geneon Universal Entertainment in 2009, so I watch it and decided that I will talk about it.

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Flash Games: Sentry Knight

It’s been a long time since I posted and reviewed a Flash Game, due to the fact that I got a new computer.

But unfortunately, this computer has a rather low frame rate, whenever I tried to surf the web in this computer, it got really laggy in moving from pages to pages. At least I can watch YouTube videos without any worries.

And this is the first of the games that I’m able to play without lagging rather severely.

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