I’m Bored: Commenting The US Presidential Election With Lily Allen’s Songs

Cause why not, this election is a gold mine for people who is willing to make fun of it.

Lily Allen is a British pop singer that has some fame in around 2009, before Adele eventually churn out consistently memorable songs even when she’s taking care of a baby with her own voice while Lily decided to take a rest so she could be taking care for her baby, till the point that her brother, Alfie, who she mocked in her song, Alfie, is more famous than her than to Game of Thrones, a show that I am not interested in.

While our viewpoints are different, I don’t care about it because both of us are unable to vote for the next US President, the election is over & people have to deal with it, and I will always remember some of her songs by heart, that is how strong some of her songs are before Sheezus muck everything up..

Thus, to remember her (for some reason), I decided to use her songs to match some feelings for this US Election, again. (So please don’t take this seriously)

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