Manhwa Series That I Read All Over The Years

Definition of Manhwa: Comics or manga in Korean.

Being a 2010s manga reader, the manhwa that I have known are webtoons, usually made with color and have some spaces between each other. Usually, some of the manga I have known are dipped with the essence of real life realism in their plot. They are read from the left to right in a vertical view. Also, some of them don’t really have a volume cover for me to really judge.

Here are some examples of manhwa that I have really read (since I don’t fully read The Breaker, The God of High School, Lookism, Killing Staling, Cheese In The Trap, a lot of Koren Hentai that dominates the front page of Mangakakalot and Tower of God, I can’t include them on their list) all over the years. As a summary, this is a short description and my short thoughts on the mangas that I’ve read.

P.S: Would Boichi’s Sun-Ken Rock be included as a manhwa, despite being published in Japan?

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