Poem Collection: Old And New (Part Right)

There are only 2 poems I would be releasing, why not finish it now.

(And isn’t it strange that this poem said that it is released in 1980, while the author herself died in 1946?)

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Poem Collection: Old And New (Part Left)

Disclaimer: I did not write the poems myself, I just only picked poems from other authors that might work with each other. And this is my first time I have done this since some time ago, so please be a little bit forgiving.

I actually do not have a whole lot to do on the INTERNET (except that I have a coursework to finish in my college, which I am still a little bit laggy about it). So part of my time is to just check out the stats of how my blog is doing.

Right now, it seems that Picma-Picture Enigmas (which I post this month) has the highest view count for this time. Which kinda makes me hypothise, as this is the only game I recommended that is the youngest (in 2014, every game else is at least 1 year older), are that people wants to look at the new trends.

So that’s the inspiration that makes me try something new as well, a poem collection and this is about The Old and The New (Although this category might be really rare for me to touch on in the future, but it’s a try).

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Poems: Chess

Chess, I did played it, but nowadays it’s kinda rare.

The time where played it seriously is in my father’s birthday 2 or 3 years ago, which I gift him a chess set and we started playing. All the time we played, I lost, even though my dad comments that I’m improving. Still, I’m impressed that I have seen a strategic side from my dad.

At that time I collected newspaper about chess, search for some websites about chess, I also did downloaded a free app that makes you plays chess with an AI. All the time we played, I lost, even on Level 1. And then suddenly, I just stopped playing.

Maybe strategy is not my main strength.

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