Web Novels That I’ve Read: Video Games Edition

Sorry for the long wait in updating another blog post, as I have a lot of changes going on around me now.

1. I lost my job though I received my degree, and is still searching for one.
2. So I don’t have a lot of drive to write another blog post for now.
3. I started joining Webnovel by Qidian, which despite the scummy reputation in some of the author’s minds. I want to start writing something for fun and eventually start creating novels for real (though with my lack of discipline, the goal seems to be far away).

Which brings me to the blog post for today, web novels.

Web novels are stories made to be read by people surfing the net and spend their time reading it. In my experience, they are long (Chinese in particular), aimless in how they want the story to end and has its own cliches (Isekai for Japanese, Revenge for Chinese and Overpowered Protagonists in general). Even with these criticisms, we read them, mock them, spend about 3 days reading 1,000 chapters worth of books and promptly forgetting the less memorable ones.

For this section, I will be focusing on video games. While I’m not a fan of MMORPG in real life, in Web Novel they are easily my preferred genre since the crazy things they do in the novel can be chalked up to “it’s just a game”, which means realistic in my standard. Some may be good, some may be bad, some may be The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, but all of them sate my need for adventures joining in epic quests, wars and log off to eat after everything is okay.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight on to the quick reviews of web novels, Video Games edition.

P.S: The story I’m working right now is titled Lonely Entertainment, which is technically an Another World story. And I decide to not write today’s chapter for the slight return of this blogpost.

Lonely Entertainment: https://www.webnovel.com/book/12518664905725605

Beware Spoilers Alert, and all of them are from Qidian or Webnovel.

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