The Apartment Season 6, Passion For Design-Episode 10, The Most Passionate of Them All

I have watched the full episode last night, so this time my second rewatch of this episode will be quicker for me to recap, ironic as it is raining heavily yesterday.

Now for the passionate finale, we have:

Rachel Lee, the makeup artist who is good at murals and Stephanie Dods, the fashion designer that knows how to drive her teammates mad. At the start, they are invited by Lawrence to the Dip Bar at the Amari Johor Bahru, who…gave them nothing but assurance in being seasoned designers as the competition goes on.

Back at UMLand, the girls talked about their experiences before Jaime walks in and gives them their final task.

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The Apartment Season 6, Passion For Design: Episode 8 (Kitchen & Dining Room)

Already at the┬ámeeting, Vlad is bitching about Stephanie’s attitude and Shana’s vulnerability got everybody to comfort her, which speaks more about herself than her entire 7 episode she has appeared in. Jaime appears when Shana’s crying is still going on, introducing the mentor & guest judge for this challenge, Young Lim of Home & Decor Singapore (where the winner will have a feature for the magazine) and their new client.

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The Apartment Season 6, Passion For Design-Episode 7, Nursery

As the contestants are celebrating Shana’s win again & getting to really know her as a designer and Lisa mourning for Rocket. Jaime announces himself with some clients for them, which includes a cameo from the first eliminated contestant from Season 5-Rising Stars Edition, Paul Nagaoka (which the show don’t even give him a title screen to spare him the humuliation of the contestants not knowing about him) wearing a very cool leather jacket introducing this episode’s challenge along with his wife Jennifer, who has a title screen.

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The Apartment Season 6-Passion For Design: Episode 5, Orphanage

After Jaime presents the winning teams a “reward” of cycling around UMLand Taman Seri Austin surrounded with the morning rays and the monkeys, the teams received a rare but familiar mail from Jaime, where they have to relocate to their next challenge location while Rocket’s breakfast is still not being fully consumed.

P.S: In terms of rewards in my RTV history, this has to be one of the most mundane and unmotivating of all. They just went out of the sun to plant some plants and your reward is making them exert more energy just before you present your next challenge? No wonder Lisa is willing to let Vlad take her part.


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The Apartment Season 6-Passion For Design: Episode 4 (Outdoor Room)

Link to the episode:

Finally I have caught up with this series, which took a long time for me to even want to start it. I once tried to watch this episode on Sunday, but it rains at the same time as the contestants working on the outdoor room, so I decided to watch this series in their home page now own, especially when there are no commercials to hamper my viewing progress.

During gathering when the contestants first imitate each other and then talk about being on new teams. Jaime Durie, the “host” and “mentor” for the Apartment, finally arrives to really connect with them for the first time. If Jamie is in the house, even if he would abandon every other project to enjoy himself in Malaysia, there is one room that he will never abandon and that is obviously…

Spoilers Ahead

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The Apartment 6-Passion For Design: Episode 3 (Master Bedroom)

Link to the episode website:

During gathering, everybody is mourning for Linnk’s chances of owning a mortgage-free luxury apartment at the UMLand Seri Austin D’Lagoon. Then trying to reduce the tension between Elin & Vlad especially now that Elin is a leader.

A wild guest appears.

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