The Apartment 6, Passion For Design: Episode 9, Order From The Devil

The show starts out with Team Eugene having a mundane dinner (emphasis on “mundane” because Shana is eliminated, one of the few times where an eliminated contestant is featured in the next episode and that person is too nice to create unnecessary drama), everybody making fun of Eugene’s Provence inspiration and Stepanie dramatizing everything since the last elimination. Jamie Durie announces that semi-finals starting and introduce their next client, happily staring at them in a picture frame.

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The Apartment 5: Putting It Together (Episode 10)

Ironically, despite wanting to review manga, the next blog series that I arrived with after a long absence starts with a usual past time of my blogpost, competitive reality tv show. It’s been a nostalgic series of mine despite not even being a decade old and me only fully watching one season on TV, but at least I’m alive, but here the Final 2.

Aleksandra Flasz, a Polish design school graduate representing Vietnam, where despite most bets (including the judges) had her being eliminated at most Episode 5 (although with Kamille being in the Top 5 it wouldn’t be as far-fetched) she emerged as a frontrunner from the beginning to the end due to her design POV, then her artistry and later her handyman improvement. However, her workmanship & craftsmanship is on par with the usual The Apartment contestants.

Winston See, an architect representing Malaysia, after being saved from the Bottom 2 in the first week, his optimistic demeanor, and later, his leadership style & soulful POV managed to wow the clients, giving him 5 straight challenge wins in a row. However, his furniture layout left a lot to be desired.

So (if you are not using Wikipedia to spoil yourself the winner that is announced almost a year ago), who will win the $100,000 prize, something that is too ridiculous for a rather obscure show.

Jaime, interrupt the Final 2 montage to declare the Final Challenge.

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The Apartment 5: Out Standing In Their Field (Episode 6)

Presenting…the show’s most viewed episode yet, which has a significant amount of dislikes for reasons I’m not sure since the comments are mostly nuked to death (but I could agree on one reason, later in my blog).

In their gathering, where Beck & Aleks are forced to go along with each other since…there are no more lightweights to target. Then comes Jaime Durie, and a flashback from Season 2 started for their next room.

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The Apartment 5: Courtesy Flushed (Episode 5)

It’s kinda nice for the channel to release the past episodes of The Apartment, and especially for Season 1, found the current cast basically have it very easy. But let me just talk about that in my future recaps.

P.S: Contestants in this season should be glad that they had a ridiculous budget and time compared to the show’s other season that they could unleash their creativity to the rooms. Also despite the name, this season never set foot in an apartment.

During the meeting, they met their new client, Nadya Hutagalung (Dulux spokesperson, Asia Next Top Model former host, actress, model, more elegant than Genevieve according to Andres), who starts off by sending the team leaders in a wild goose chase for a $1,000 reward if they knew what their next room is going to be.

P.S: Seeing their room for the first time, I return my word and knew why the producers are reluctant to show us their rooms other than privacy. At least Season 1 stayed in really comfortable showcase rooms and beds for them to sleep and could watch internet based Tv.

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