Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa: Episode 10: Betrayal At The House On The Hill, Finale, & Thoughts

Back To The Months Before Segment: Well what do you know, Butler Arthur is a psychopath before he found this house, and decided to use the evil to get the house himself.

(BTW: Why the heck the priest & Colin didn’t reveal his mask when they are dispelled from the evil?)

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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffe Episode 9: Wicked Hallucinations

Years Before Montage: A crazy person talks about the truth of the house but got zapped to the point that he killed the doctors that is performing the zapping (before the one that got him killed he has the audacity to turned it to the highest volt possible too)

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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Episode 8: All Out War

Years Before Montage: After a battle in World War 1, an American veteran become so extremely obsessed with gold that he collected, he decided to kill his friends (and maybe even fuckbuddies cause, you know, 6 months is an insanely long time in a house of evil, and how do they managed to survive for six months anyway?).

And this episode death scene is so scary that viewer warning is advised, like even worse than being buried alive by your friends without having a chance to defend yourself in challenges.


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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa Episode 6: Did Someone Call For An Exorcist

A Years Before Segment (Which is a first): A priest failed to do an exorcism, was a bad model for drunk driving, and somehow got lost and found himself to the house, all without the influence of the hooded man, that is a first.

By The Way: Thank you for everybody for the views so far and reading my blog, it’s been wonderful month for me (500 views in a week and 100 views in a day, that is a first)

Thank you to georgiapeach from Reality Fan Forum for linking my China 3 Athens post to the Amazing Race China 3 Show Discussion Forum, small or big publicity, is good publicity.,32329.0.html

So thank you all.

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Escape The Night With Joey Graceffa, Episode 5- Freak Show

Months Before Scene: A freak being disgusted in his show (with a black master in the 20s and the ridiculously negative crowd) being offered something better by the cloaked man-chained in the basement to protect something, yay, freedom.

Well it is a refreshing change after sociopaths and idiotic people who decided to let evil in.

(And why Joey refer himself to Joey in the Previous On Segment? Fishy, fishy)

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